Business Excellence Awards 2023

Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2023 21 Now, in order to stay ahead of trends in the industry and keep herself up to date, Natalija is constantly learning. She reads news releases from HMRC and informs her clients about all the different changes which are important to them and how it might affect their businesses. She is also improving her knowledge about new technologies and has started automatising the processes as much as possible in order to have more time to communicate to clients. “I am not trying to be like others,” she states. “I want to be myself and do everything as best as I can. No race, no competition, no fight for clients… I know what I can give to my clients.” Recently, in recognition of the hard work and dedication that Natalija and her team put into her business and her clients’ businesses, SIN Homes was rewarded with the prestigious title of Most Client-Focused Accounting & Bookkeeping Business 2023 – Portsmouth. Delighted by this accolade, Natalija is humble as ever as she attributes her achievement not to herself, but to those around her. “I think my success belongs to my clients, which I care about from the very first minute they become my client,” she says. “I am very grateful to my life and all the people who are around me and support me in all my ideas.” Regarding the future, Natalija has a lot of plans including expanding the company and employing more staff so that she can work more deeply with more than one industry in the business. She is also exploring social media marketing and various designs in order to gain more experience in the field. “When I was young, I said to myself that I would never be an accountant,” she recalls. “I will not count others’ money. I will not solve other people’s business problems. However, I always wanted to be helpful in some way so when I got into the role of an accountant, I realised that being an accountant, I am able to satisfy my desire to help people.” Contact: Natalija Sinkeviciene Company: SIN Homes Ltd Web Address: