Business Excellence Awards 2023

20 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2023 Feb23020 Most Client-Focused Accounting & Bookkeeping Business 2023 - Portsmouth SIN Homes Ltd works with individuals and legal entities to take care of companies’ finances, offering accounting and personal assistant services to assist in the growth of businesses. We speak to Company Owner, Natalija, and find out more as she is recognised in the Business Excellence Awards 2023 for her unique and refreshing approach. SIN Homes Ltd is a company offering accounting, bookkeeping, personal assistant services, and much more. The company began when Natalija Sinkeviciene and her husband opened a construction company and were searching for an accountant who didn’t just do the job but also answered questions, and showed the couple how to manage their business taxes, accounting, and bookkeeping more efficiently. “We just wanted that our accountant would care about us and our company,” explains Natalija. “Communication between us and our accountant was very important to us.” However, the pair’s expectations were let down and they started the process of looking for a new accountant, eventually finding someone who was friendly, kind, and who had recommended for the husbandand-wife team to do their own accounting with promises of help along the way. Natalija, who was already good at maths, knew about tax regulations, and had skills in IT, decided to rise to the challenge! “I made the best decision in my life – I became an accountant and bookkeeper!” she enthuses. “My first client was my husband! I had concerns but I got such big support from the new accountant and I am very grateful to him because he was always so patient and had helped me to find all the answers to my questions.” Natalija made the decision that her goal would be to provide company directors with communication and show them that she cared about them – this has turned out to be the unique selling point of the firm. “I want my clients to know that I will not leave them if they are struggling somewhere and that I am here to help and find a way to resolve any problems and concerns,” she elaborates. “I am always near if they want to share the joy about a new contract or even just a lucky day.” Natalija now likes to work with growing companies and enjoys setting up goals with the business owners and doing everything that is needed to reach those goals, and she is delighted when she is able to assist a company in reaching these goals by working as a team together. Having started as a one-woman-band, Natalija now has a dedicated team of staff helping her. With communication again being very much a focal point, together the team discuss difficult situations, and assist each other in the day-to-day tasks of bookkeeping, data entry, and research. “They are very good at what they do, and I am proud that I have such a smart, fast, and supportive team,” Natalija says. “I learned that sometimes, just to share a situation with my team helps me to understand it better and find a fast and correct decision.” When recruiting, Natalija brings into the team people who are conscientiousness, honest, and responsible. It is important to her that they are also bold and able to communicate with the client if a mistake is made in order to correct things fast and with no loss. “Respect, communication, concern about each other and people who we work with, professionalism, concentration in work, and endless learning are values in my company. That will create success in my business.” Whilst her first client was in the construction industry, today SIN Homes’ clients are in many different industries, for example: transport, manufacturing, construction, sellers, and beauty salons, with most new business coming from word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and existing clients about how Natalija is both communicative and supportive. “I think that communication and concern helps achieve excellence across my business, since it helps them feel as if they are important to me,” she tells us further. “They aren’t just my clients, they are people I am helping grow, learn, and achieve success.” Of course, with any industry, there are challenges which must be faced and Natalija’s experience is no different. In fact, she has faced two prominent issues which she had to resolve. To begin with, there was historically a lot of fraud within the accounting industry, so it was difficult for her to initially gain trust from her clients and she found she needed to put in a lot of extra effort to become a trusted person. Secondly, she found that some business owners thought that accountants could wave magic wands to make things happen – they did not realise that there was some hard work involved too.