2021 Non-Profit Organisation Awards

Acquisition International - 2021 Non-Profit Organisations Awards Best Specialist Drug & Alcohol Recovery Support Service - UK People from these backgrounds can face added difficulties when entering or navigating the UK treatment system, difficulties include language barriers, mistrust of services, stigma and cultural differences which can prevent many of them from coming forward for help. Impact of stigma in these communities can be challenging, often leading to family isolation, community shame and dehumanising of those who are experiencing addiction. These myriad of factors, including lack of choice and absence of culturally appropriate treatment can result in untreated conditions that could cause a number of further health risks. In addition, the pandemic hit BAME communities disproportionately hard, an element which pushed many recovering people back towards drug misuse and increased alcoholism, making for a busy time for BAC-IN CIC. It has stepped up to the plate massively to try and take care of as many additional service users as possible, striving to take the strain off of families struggling to see their loved ones suffer with exacerbated mental health problems and the re-emergence of bad habits, elements that have increased depression, loneliness, isolation, risk of self-harm, risk of suicide, and risk of domestic violence. In turn, the pandemic’s impact on UK employment has left many people jobless and facing increased financial pressure as a result. BAC-IN CIC’s successful transformative recovery programme and shared voices, therefore, have been more pivotal than ever, and it has worked hard to be present for those who need it most. Furthermore – with a five year plan of continual work with peers, communities, and partners – it is determined to work with local communities in order to enact positive change, within lives, services, and systems across the board in order to improve the experience for BAME people accessing drug and alcohol recovery support. In conjunction with many other BAME focused organisations, despite only being a small voluntary group, it is gaining a big voice in its region; it has existed for many years and helped a multitude of service users without much help from statutory grants and funding, as commissioners, policy makers and local authorities consistently fail to capture and respond to gaps in services and unmet BAME needs. Despite the lack of recognition and thanks from the wider Governmental or non-profit world, it is determined to continue its ‘hands on’ and close community observation in order to keep delivering its excellent work. In this way, it will keep fighting for this recognition it and organisations like it is owed, enacting vast swathes of positive change that those holding the purse strings cannot ignore, moving its organisation ever-forward to bigger and better things. It wishes to say that it is ‘delighted to receive this award and welcome the valued recognition of our work by Acquisition International’, and reassures us that its efforts will only be growing in scale and efficacy as it moves towards the future. BAC-IN CIC therefore, going forward, is looking to funnel significant effort into reaching out to local businesses and stakeholders for support towards its work, and would like to take this opportunity to encourage companies to reach out to it in order to discuss such opportunities. As an ante, it has already built up an exemplary relationship with business leaders and entrepreneurs in its local area, wishing to expand these connections – thus building a healthy working relationship with the corporate side of its neighbourhoods. This would be an opportunity for such businesses to support a truly deserving charitable cause, one that with additional financial or in-kind support, could benefit so many more people. Fundamentally, the support of the business community would be a shot in the arm for the support and betterment of BAME healthcare accessibility, giving businesses a way to meaningfully give back to their communities at a time when they need it most. Company: BAC-IN CIC Contact: Sohan Sahota Website: bacin.co.uk