2021 Non-Profit Organisation Awards

10 Acquisition International - 2021 Non-Profit Organisations Awards Excellence Award for Women’s Education Support 2021 rom One To Another is an exemplary charitable organisation that was founded to make a difference in supporting women’s access to education. Having accrued an outstanding team, and working to make the world a better place one person at a time, this Swedish non-profit works with opinion formation collation and fundraising via individuals and companies alike, happy to say that it has amassed a great amount of support behind its cause. In accordance with Swedish Fundraising control guidelines, its working mode l is one of ‘pay it forward’ learning. Fundamentally, the organisation in Sweden trains its coaches in pedagogy, women’s rights, business, and health, and the coaches then go on to teach mothers in its target regions, who in turn go on to teach and inspire girls in their area, the mothers working in tandem with From One to Another to provide these girls with invaluable scholarships. For example, it helped a Mother of 4 who had been made homeless by her husband, who came to its centre in Godo seeking the empowerment of education. The Mother was taken into the community and was then able to enrol her girls in High School through the scholarship program. This gave the family the strength to lift themselves out of poverty and today 2 of the daughters have paid jobs and the mother has her own shop. This makes the small family able to contribute to the society and the circle of education closes. What From one to another’s gives to the mother is given back to society. Crucially, since its founding, it has awarded 1052 scholarships, established 13 women’s centres, and inspired over half of its scholars to continue pursuing education after going through High School. This is all in accordance with its vision to make the world more tolerant, more equal, and better informed. In this way, From One To Another’s efforts promote not only the education of women and girls, but the betterment of the systems that would have previously denied them, showing communities the benefit of having a better quality of education for all and improving the social context in the macro scale. Thus, it fights for the right of women and girls to education with every action it takes. Forming the beating heart of its organisation is the African proverb ‘If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together.’ Therefore, its team prioritise making itself a network of amazing volunteers. This makes it possible for the organisation to give back 94% of the fund raised money directly to the means of the end and only 6% of the money goes to administration – each helping to make a difference to the lives of women and girls everywhere. Furthermore, despite the trials of Covid-19 for the non-profit world, From One To F Another is still undaunted in the delivery of its services. It acknowledges the many needs and different requirements of women and girls across different social contexts and cultural norms, and will continue to adapt itself so it can address these, forever working towards its 2030 goal of sending 1000 of its scholars to high school. In addition, the facets of this include increasing gender equality in communities, bettering accessibility to higher education and reducing the stigma facing women chasing such goals, facilitating better economic empowerment through financial management programmes, and improving public health with family planning and community wellbeing. It also encourages women and girls to achieve their school diplomas, builds support groups across communities, and gets them enrolled in the scholarship procedures. “As we give the women and girls education it provides them the opportunity to be a part of the society. As an example when you can read and write you are able to take out a ID card, and therefore enable them to vote. We help to democratize the societies by helping women and girls achieve basic skills all in accordance with SDG 4 and 5, as well as SDG 1. That is why a small non-profit as From One To Another can say that we are a part of making a better world” says the founder Kristina Hagström Ilievska. In short, From One To Another is always looking to pay it forward. Its coaches teach the mothers, the mothers earn scholarships for their daughters, and all involved take their learning on to empower their communities, mothers and daughters both. ‘We teach them to fish, we don’t give them the fish,’ From One To Another tells us regarding how it operates. Fundamentally, it focuses on empowerment and granting its scholars the tools that they need to achieve greater success, enabled by a team of empathic and sensitive people who benefitted from a detailed onboarding that allows them to deliver consistently exemplary work. In the future, it wishes to expand further from its main centre in Lunga, working towards its 2021/22 initiative of gaining more sponsors to support its 3-year plan and setting up more mini centres in order to increase its catchment area, allowing it to support 3-5 more villages. A Swedish non-profit organisation, From One To Another is working hard to improve access to education for women and girls in its operational regions. Awarding scholarships, setting up women’s centres, and giving them the tools they need to achieve success at any level of education, its efforts have inspired the scholastic careers and improved the livelihoods of many of its scholars and its families. Jun21243 Company: From One To Another Contact: Kristina Ilievska Website: https://fromonetoanother.se/