2021 Non-Profit Organisation Awards

Non-Profit Organisation awards 2021 www.acquisition-international.com • 2021 Non-Profit Organisation Awards ENERGIES 2050 was created in 2001, first, as an international network gathering professionals and citizens sharing the certainty that our societies’ past and current development pathways were not a fatality and that a different future could be imagined and implemented bringing together all the goodwill committed for a just and united transition bringing shared prosperity with respect for natural resources. Since April 2011, ENERGIES 2050 now acts as a non-profit non-governmental organization implementing projects in more than 70 countries. ENERGIES 2050, a committed organisation for a new inspiring development model Most Transformational Climate Change & Sustainable Development NPO 2021 In this issue: Most Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Organisation – Utrecht Enjoycleaningup Best Specialist Drug & Alcohol Recovery Support Service - UK BAC-IN CIC