Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 9 DrWerner & Partner Hiring staff who can perform to this high standard is not always easy, since it depends both on the old world of experience and the new world of innovation. While the legal world is often viewed as quite conservative, Dr Werner & Partner has thrived by taking a pragmatic approach and combining the best of with the new world with the traditional way of doing business. Many of the business’s processes have been digitized, even before the pandemic, and this has allowed them an enormous amount of flexibility. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every business, even one with the range and agility of Dr Werner and Partner. To survive these unprecedented times, the team were always in contact with their clients, offering unique and individual advice that would keep them moving through the worst of the crisis. The construction of a secure network has been key to not only allow employees to work efficiently from home, but to maintaining the high standards that clients expect from their legal advisor in terms of data protection. They were also able to ensure that each client could access the vital government support they needed during these unprecedented times. While the Maltese government made COVID-19 emergency aid available to businesses, many simply didn’t know how to complete and file these applications. The team at Dr Werner & Partner quickly adapted to ensure that they were not leaving businesses in the lurch. Looking ahead, it’s clear that Dr Werner & Partner has not stopped at all in the last few years and is continuing to evolve and grow as a company. Now it has established a reputation as one of Malta’s leading legal firms for German-speaking clients, the aim is to reposition the business as one which can cater to the needs of international clients too, both from EU and non-EU countries. Building up a larger team who share the aspirations of the current workforce is essential to securing success for the months and years to come. When it comes to finding a legal team who can support you in any given situation, there are very few finer than those behind Dr Werner & Partner. Able to tend to whatever challenges arise, they have brought astonishing success to their clients. We celebrate their achievement in the AI Legal Awards 2021, and look forward to what they do next. Company: Dr Werner & Partner Name: Cleaven Attard Email: