Legal Awards 2021

8 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Best Tax Advisory & Legal Disputes Firm - Malta When it comes to matters of tax, it pays to find experts not only in the sector, but in the region too. The team at Dr Werner & Partner specialise in finding solutions for individuals and businesses, working closely with any other party that might be involved. Their skill and craft had brought them success in the AI Legal Awards, so we thought it was time to take a closer look at how they did it. Since 2013, Dr Werner & Partner has been assisting various individuals in relation to the setting up of corporate structures. The team at Dr Werner & Partner has always worked relentlessly to ensure that each client is provided with a tailored solution for his/her specific requirements. Over the past years, Dr Werner & Partner established itself as the first natural choice for German speaking individuals looking for tax and legal advisors. The team is often approached by corporate entities, entrepreneurs and private individuals as well as international tax advisors and lawyers to assist them and represent them in Malta. Their expertise makes them the ideal choice if a client requires legal advice, court representation, assistance with company formation or administrative help with tax and financial accounting. Efficient communication, effective time management and a client- oriented approach led to the creation of an environment wherein clients requirements and goals are duly met and achieved in due time. These aspects have been built on the values of trust, competence and discretion, which have been at the core of the firm since its earliest days. Dr Werner & Partner emphasises on the importance of addressing clients requirements with a tailor-made solution, there is no one size fits all in this sector. Instead of following a standardized process, the team take an approach which explores the specifics of what their clients require and provides solutions on a case-by-case basis. Such an agile mindset benefits both the client and the team as it allows the team to adapt immediately to changes in their client’s business as well as changes to legislation. The team at Dr Werner & Partner are always making sure to stay updated on any updates to legislation and legal framework so that they – and their clients – can always be one step ahead of their competitors. Many of the firm’s most effective strengths come from the team’s ability to perform multidisciplinary cooperation within the firm itself. Thanks to the development of various clearly defined processes, the team can replicate their incredible success on projects with prodigious consistency. The employment of every member of staff builds on the team’s incredible experience. Whether a professional or member of S Sep21433 the administrative team, all employees are qualified and experienced to ensure that the best solutions are presented to clients. Hiring the best individuals means that individual responsibility is at the core of the way in which Dr Werner & Partner works. To achieve this, individuals employed by Dr Werner & Partner are required to encompass qualifications, experience and personal commitment. Once on board, every employee has access to further his/her career through education and training which allows employees to broaden their knowledge and the firm to be better informed and updated at all times.