Legal Awards 2021

10 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Canada’s Best Personal Injury Law Firm hen a person has experienced a life-altering accident, an essential thing that can aid in their recovery is recovering compensation for their injuries from providing for their lifelong needs. James H. Brown and Associates is proud to support accident victims and their families through every recovery phase while setting precedents for motor vehicle accidents and injury law in Western Canada. James H. Brown and Associates’ legal practice focuses on representing individuals injured by motor vehicle accidents. These injuries include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, death, and soft tissue injuries. The law firm was founded to represent people facing a similar experience and help them through this traumatic process. James H. Brown and Associates is unparalleled within its field due to its family-like atmosphere and values. Trent Brown, partner and personal injury lawyer within the firm, explains, “We treat everyone like family, and we value everyone’s contributions, striving to create a place where people look forward to coming to work. This is largely based on treating people with respect and supporting each other. We ensure that this family-like culture is prevalent across all sectors in a few ways.” For the firm, it is imperative to hire people who fit into this ideology. An additional feature that sets the firm apart from other competing firms within its sector is its commitment. “When we take on a client, we are fully committed to doing whatever is necessary to represent that customer. If that means hiring numerous experts to understand their accident better, or if that means using our network of support systems to help a client find the right experts to rehabilitate their injuries, we will do it.” Trent brings his competitive nature and winning attitude to James H. Brown and Associates, drawing on his first-hand experience with life-altering injury to support clients when they need it the most. He leads a team of injury lawyers, medical professionals, and analysts committed to standing up for the clients’ rights and securing fair compensation for their injuries. Trent explains, “We know that getting the largest settlement possible can take time and a variety of approaches, and we are committed to our clients and making sure they get the settlement they need to move forward.” The firm has seen a great deal of evolution since its inception, specifically over the past 18 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. W Awarded Best Personal Injury Law Firm – Alberta at the AI Legal Awards 2021, James H. Brown and Associates is a personal injury law firm located in Edmonton, Alberta. The firm was established when Founder James H. Brownwas injured in a motor vehicle accident and realized there wasn’t much support for people going through such a traumatic experience. The firm’s mission to help its clients every step of the way on their journey towards recovery remains at the forefront of its operations today. Contact Name: Jeff Lush Web Address: Contact Email: Oct21523 “We are a lot more digital now - we have video conferences through Zoom, or documents being signed electronically, and those are things that weren’t happening as much before. So, oddly enough, it’s an exciting time to see the industry go through these changes, and we’re excited about what else will come from these changes.” James H. Brown and Associates operates within a highly competitive industry with lots of other organizations trying to find the best lawyers, legal assistants, support staff, and the best accountants – this is inherently big challenge for any firm. Fortunately, being considered one of the best in its field, the firm is able to hire they best, thereby offering its clients the best support too. “We believe that we have a strong brand and community presence; thus, we feel like the best people want to work here. In terms of what we look for, it’s a myriad of things. We first look for fit and attitude, and secondly, we look for competitive people who go the extra mile and see challenges and want to overcome them. It’s an inspiring group of people to work with, and we think that that mentality comes through in the types of people who want to be part of our team.” Plans for the firm are primarily aimed at scaling up the business; to hire more lawyers, support staff and exploring ways that technology can assist its existing teams to work better together. Trent explains, “We are in a great position to be able to focus on growing the business; that’s what the future looks like for us.”