Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 11 In this way, AR’Legally Studio Legale shows its true commitment to the clients it serves, be they investors, public administrators, public, private companies or individuals. Working on both a municipal and national scale in order to serve different clients, it is forever broadening its own horizons; by incorporating new developments and innovations into itself, it expertly merges the traditional with the contemporary in order to create processes that are reliable, and also flexible. This, in essence, is something that has been developed from AR’Legally Studio Legale’s knowledge of the wider sector. It knows that in order to keep up in the world of legal service, one must be consistently professionally up to date, and so it rises to this challenge with its trademark diligence every time. Moreover, being a boutique law firm – one that combines the legal with the personal and putting the person behind the legislation back at the focal point of its efforts – it has established its place in urban transformation and property development fields. Serving public and private procurement, as well as infrastructure, public and private partnerships, regulations and contract management, as well as administrative and planning issues, it aids in all areas of the building process in order to make itself the client’s legal partner. In this way, it is able to provide oversight for a client, taking the project from start to finish. It was also put in charge of Legal BIM and defining new methods and processes for construction as a field, developing new legal and contractual profiles in the use of Building Information Modelling, something that is clients have come to appreciate Critically, no matter the project, AR’Legally Studio Legale will always seek to work in the same way. This is important as it allows it to put its best foot forward at all times, operating with communication and understanding to enhance mutual competencies and work with promptness, clarity, and a proactive mindset at the fore at all times. AR’Legally feeds into the company mindset of being a team player instead of working in isolation, influencing the ‘B-Corp’ feel of the firm as it produces social and environmental benefits for its region whilst achieving economic results, and fostering a collaborative over competitive relationship with its peers, clients and stakeholders. Pushing for innovation and environmental sustainability, it looks forward to continuing to provide its useful, timely, collaborative advice to clients old and new long into the future. Oct21474 Company: AR’Legally Studio Legale Contact: Angelo Rota Website: AR’Legally Studio Legale ith a name that speaks of a traditional legal approach, the initials of its founder – Angelo Rota – and the merging of metropolitan and international experience, AR’Legally Studio Legale has made itself a front runner in Italy’s legal industry. Working hard to combine the excellence of processes that have been used over multiple decades by exemplary professionals, and the contemporary flexibility of a modern company, this firm’s base on the banks of Lake Como – Italy’s most iconic lake - allow it to provide its local region with the legal backbone it needs for continual growth. Fundamentally, AR’Legally Studio Legale trusts in its local area’s ability to flourish and develop as it moves towards a bright future, providing it and its wider country with consultancy for the industries of AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) and real estate sectors. W AR’Legally Studio Legale, the winners of both the above award and the accreditation of the ‘Excellence Award in Real Estate & Construction Law’ for Italy, has made itself a stand-out voice in Italy’s legal infrastructure. Operating with a friendly local approach, and an emphasis on collaboration with its clients, its surrounding region, and even its competitors, this firm seeks to create a healthy network of business professionals who seek to foster the continual growth of the area. Crucially, it sees the potential in the Lake Como area, and looks forward to seeing what this will flourish into in the coming years. Best Boutique Law Firm - Italy & Excellence Award in Real Estate & Construction Law - Italy