Legal Awards 2021

12 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 cloud-based file management for many years. Joseph states, “We believe we were ahead of the curve and able to continue our business as usual despite the difficulties that the pandemic has caused.” For S&T, it is all about relationships. The firm strongly believes that the old law practice model is an outdated model that does not work with clients in the 21st century. Joseph states, “We are fitted to the model of the young professionals and entrepreneurs – a firm for the future.” Contact Name: Joseph P. Schilleci, Jr. Web Address: www. OR Contact Email: Food & Nutrition Compliance Specialists of the Year 2021 - the USA chilleci & Tortorici, P.C. (S&T), works with its clients in a broad range of industries related to health and fitness across the United States and internationally. Joseph P. Schilleci, Jr, Attorney and owner of S&T states, “We work with these clients to develop regulatory compliance strategies and to assist the clients concerning matters involving product labeling, advertising, GMPs, formulation, claims review and substantiation, as well as product recalls and other federal and state enforcement actions.” Among other things, S&T provides substantive legal opinions and analysis related to it and other issues related to the supplement industry and the Cannabis industry. Joseph continues, “We have also been involved in litigation with both the FDA and the FTC concerning the representation of members of the dietary supplement industry. In addition, we assist these clients in mergers/acquisitions and contractual issues with suppliers/vendors and product liability matters, as well as litigation in these areas.” S&T is a unique law firm with extensive experience and skills to help clients grow business for the 21st century. The firm focuses on building personal relationships with its clients and provides efficient, high-quality legal services cost-effectively that fits a clients’ company. Joseph explains, “Our approach is different from the traditional approach to law provided by the big firms. We are regular guys, not the typical suit-and-tie lawyers.” Indeed, S&T has built its reputation on its commitment to building relationships with its clients. Everything it does is focused on working to have a close, personal relationship with its clients in the world of the 21st century. The firm is always looking forward, and, in this regard, it wants to attract potential candidates that fit with the reputation and standards that it has built-in the legal community and with its clients. In the ever-changing marketplace, driven by the changes in technology, it has rarely been more important than it is now to protect intellectual property. Joseph explains, “We support our clients from various industries with protecting trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and unfair competition, licensing, and other intellectual property related issues.” Protecting intellectual property is crucial to the success of a business, and how people protect it depends on what types of intellectual property they have. Joseph explains, “With our guidance, you will be able to share proprietary data with your partners without the risk of compromise.” However, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way most law firms practise. Fortunately, S&T has been using video conferencing and S Schilleci & Tortorici, P.C., is a boutique law firm that has combined experience of over 40 years. With its reputation as the Food & Nutrition Compliances Specialists of the Year, S&T represent numerous dietary supplements, food/beverage and CBD/Hemp manufacturers, producers, and distributors. Oct21386