Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 13 Business Law Firm of the Year 2021 - UK Monarch Solicitors is a law firm on a mission to ‘energise and advance’ the strategic operations of its clientele, helping them to respond in a legally compliant and sophisticated way to all manner of challenges. Operating in the fields of business, personal, and international law, this team of solicitors is a young and fresh firm that is committed to leading its industry into the future, showing the wider sector how applying some ‘out with the old and in with the new’ has allowed it to accrue international acclaim. Oct21336 full-service law firm, Monarch Solicitors is led by some of the topmost professional minds in the field. Fundamentally, each member of its team is a highly experienced solicitor who can work with a client from start to finish in order to guide them through the legal process, and attain a favourable outcome for them, no matter how challenging the case may be. They are also a team of dynamic young professionals, and this has benefitted Monarch Solicitors hugely as it has access to the fresh, bold ideas that so many other legal firms lack, bucking the trend of keeping the traditional simply because it’s traditional and swapping bloated old processes out for something adaptable, client-focused, and nuanced. Furthermore, it has developed the reputation it enjoys by deploying this in order to go beyond the average. Consistently delivering the best results in its industry and working with businesses and individuals both to protect and enhance their strategic goals, it is a member of The Law Society and the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce both. Providing services that address employment issues, property management, wills, trusts, probate, litigation, immigration, family law, employment law, tax, litigation, and even international legal cases from China, Russia, Turkey, the USA, and the Middle East. With this being just a small snapshot of all the various services it offers, it shows just how willing it is to work with its clients to address any number of legal challenges they might be facing. In addition, it has been given credit for its ability to consistently go above and beyond the call of duty. Recently, it has been accredited as a law firm that always punches well above its weight and doesn’t A miss in doing so, ‘providing expert advice the rivals the region’s heavyweights’ and showing a deep commitment to each of its client’s cases, and to resolving them in the best possible way. Its competitive advantage, therefore, comes from the team itself. Each staff member at Monarch Solicitors is a well-rounded legal expert with a multitude of different competencies under their belts and bringing a variety of different perspectives to the table that allows Monarch Solicitors to get a comprehensive view of the case’s individual factors. Applying their education and training to learn quickly, adapt well, and think fast, its team provides commercially contextual advice that directly benefits the task at hand, and allows them to guide a client from the first consultation all the way through to achieving success. Through its offices in Manchester, London, Hong Kong, Turkey, and Dubai, its strategic alliances all over the globe have earned it a vast network of industry contacts that it can also pull on for additional professional boons, allowing it to provide its pragmatic advice and comprehensive solutions locally, nationally, and internationally. Dependably, it has been winning awards all over the world and for each and every facet of its business model, and it looks forward to using this as a springboard to further success as it moves forwards, taking its clients with it into a bright future. Company: Monarch Solicitors Contact: Shazda Ahmed Website: