Legal Awards 2021

34 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Best Specialist Paralegal Services Firm 2021 - Hong Kong he exploration of global business opportunities is something that MARRIOTTS LEGAL SERVICES has become particularly renowned for over the years that it has been in operation. Fundamentally, this firm explores global opportunities with a focus on assisting its worldwide clientele with their move into the Hong Kong market, setting up companies and branches in the region that will allow them to take their business to the next level. By doing this in a way that takes into account the state of the local business ecosystem, MARRIOTTS LEGAL SERVICES can consider the specific business’s nature and how it will fit in amongst the current landscape, from how it will do amongst its competitors to how ready to receive the product the wider market is. It also offers secretarial services that have become renowned for their effectiveness. By drafting and amending Memorandum and Articles of Association, MARRIOTTS LEGAL SERVICES allows clients to put their best foot forward when it comes to cultivating the feel of their brand, contributing something invaluable to how the client’s company will be perceived going forward by both peers and customers. It can also attend and prepare minutes for company meetings, taking the pressure T MARRIOTTS LEGAL SERVICES LIMITED, a para-legal firm based in Hong Kong and serving clients all over the world, has made itself an expert in helping international companies adapt to the business world of Hong Kong. Able to guide them in finding their niche in the market, cultivating their presence there so that their companies can reach the next milestone, it is proficient in all manner of business-related legal work. From secretarial work to organisational and structural aid, this company’s expert team operates with diligence, tenacity, and professionalism in order to shape the future of Hong Kong’s corporate ecosystem. Company: MARRIOTTS LEGAL SERVICES LIMITED Contact: Mauro Gagliardi Website: Sep21664 of arranging this off of the client so that they can focus on being truly present during the meeting itself, using the precious time beforehand to prepare any materials they may need. Furthermore, it is also extremely proficient when it comes to preparing annual returns. This will allow a client the peace of mind to know that their annual reports will be in good shape and well taken care of, allowing them to react to the information that is reported quickly and efficiently, thanks to the exemplary format and presentation of such things. It also handles issues of money laundering and immigration services, showing just how full service its solutions really are. When it comes to choosing a legal firm, MARRIOTTS LEGAL SERVICES recognises that there are many different factors that one must take into consideration, and so it wishes to show to its clients just how willing it is to adapt itself to their needs and requirements in order to help them achieve the best results. With its client-oriented professionalism, its ability to organise the name change of professional entities from a legal standpoint, and its offer of deregistration and voluntary wind-up services, clients can expect the best of the best time and time again. Having been in operation since 2005, it is proud to say that since its inception it has been able to maintain a reputation without scruples, making itself a para-legal firm within Hong Kong that provides a wealth of local and international experience to its wide range of clients, each of whom have lauded its work as truly exemplary across the board.