Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 33 Best Full-Service Family Law Firm - Metro Washington D.C. Striving to meet each and every one of its client’s needs whilst also encouraging them to pursue their interests, building a business infrastructure to support their case, and providing an empathic support network during the process, Law Offices of Thomas Stahl is a people-first law firm. In essence, working in the field of family law has cultivated an atmosphere of empathy and sensitivity that runs through everything this firm does, enabling it to build and maintain a reputation for being not just highly effective in the legal world, but a pleasure to work with on an interpersonal level. Sep21797 aw Offices of Thomas Stahl, a Maryland and Washington DC based firm, is a specialist in family law and estate planning above all else. This firm’s goal, in essence, it to provide full- service representation to its clients in the divorce, child custody, guardianship, wills, and estate planning areas of the law, allowing the client to work with an empathic and flexible team who are experts in their fields. The team at Thomas Stahl are each uniquely qualified to do this. Fundamentally, they are each experienced and diligent, boasting incredible levels of education and training that allow them to stand head and shoulders above the competition, each able to produce a vast array of past work and evidence of helping clients achieve the best outcomes for a case. L Operating with diligence, elegance, and empathy, its staff’s diverse backgrounds – as well as their depth and breadth of legal perspectives – allow for legal work that takes the stress off of the client. This is especially important in cases of family law, as Thomas Stahl knows that such cases can emotionally taxing, financially risky, and extremely upsetting at every turn; due to this, the team are not only professionally excellent, but are also deeply emotionally intelligent and able to connect with clients on a real and personal level. Critically, this shows clients that to Thomas Stahl, they are more than just a case file. Thomas Stahl will always treat its clients with understanding and compassion, and it provides an exemplary support network for clients and staff both in order to allow them to work together in productive and sensitive manners. This means that every member of its staff is uniquely qualified to handle stressful situations, and that there is a support system in place to help them do so. Being open, flexible, and incredibly tenacious, when hiring, it puts its new people through two rounds of interviews so that it can get a well-rounded picture of the person and how they will fit in amongst the team. After all, working in family law necessitates a closely knit team who will not just professionally work together, but personally connect in order to provide a grounding force in what can be quite an emotionally intense field. In essence, this shows how much effort Thomas Stahl puts into ensuring that the communication between its clients and staff, and in the team itself, is excellence from bottom to top. Over the tumult of the past 18 months, this has been especially critical as it has turned towards operating over Zoom and through more remote means, pivoting to cloud based operation whilst still maintaining its highly personal and empathic way of working. This has allowed it to continually meet its clients needs despite the additional challenges that the pandemic put before it, and in the business of legal practice, it has been able to continue to shine brighter than ever by putting its people first at every turn. Company: Law Offices of Thomas Stahl Contact: Thomas Stahl Website: