Legal Awards 2021

32 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Sep21826 Best Boutique Real Estate Law Firm 2021 - Spain JAP having won the prize of the Best Boutique Real Estate Firm in Spain in 2019, 2020, and now this year too, is a tailorable and adaptive firm overseeing a huge variety of real estate projects in Spain. In essence, it has cut its teeth on assisting every client in every step of the way when it comes to ensuring the legal compliance of a real estate project, helping them to achieve their goals in a wholesale manner. Proficient in operating across several different language barriers, it promises hard work and looks forward to what challenges its market segment will bring before it in the future. eing a boutique law firm, JAP’s specialism have made it a darling of its industry that it is today. Being fully specialised in the field of real estate law, it is especially well versed in the business needs and market practices of such elements of its work, and is able to put the minds of its expert team to the task of accomplishing client’s needs of legal advice to complete real estate development and investment projects and of legal support in day-to-day asset management. JAP has been a contributor to the Chambers Global Real Estate guide in 2021 and JAP’s founder has been recognised by the prestigious Chambers & Partners directory. Fundamentally, through its founder, JAP acquired all manner of prestige in the logistics sector and quickly gained repute as an advisor to many major investors, overseeing a number of high-budget deals and the lifecycle of entire projects, taking a client from the very first interaction all the way through to completion of a real estate venture. Additionally, JAP is well known for its versatility. It can accomplish all stages of legal advice from spotting of the land by the client, through development and letting and ultimately, up to the sale of the project to a third party investor, and has a distinctively exemplary ability when it comes to attacking complex projects that require intensive organisation and control from top to bottom. When approaching such projects, it applies the breadth and depth of its creativity and hard work in order to succeed. This creates projects that have been developed with the utmost diligence as a result, allowing JAP to oversee significant relevant real estate projects all over Spain. JAP seeks to make itself a partner to every client it works with, reacting to their needs and requirements with empathy, criticism when needed and tenacity in order to make legal not a barrier. This also has contributed to JAP’s repute for being sensitive to its client’s business evolution and management. It knows that no two clients are the same, and that every client has professional goals to hit, and so it applies the lessons it learns from every build to the next one, forever dedicated to bolstering hard work and to enhancing performance. Being a technology driven firm, it is also committed to innovation. Fond of collaborative tools such as automation, virtual deal rooms, and machine learning technology such as Luminance in the everyday workforce, it is currently partnered with Litera – formerly Workshare Transact – to bolster its efficiency. B José Antonio Pérez Breva, founding Partner of JAP, comments: “if a machine can always help me spare time, then why don’t have it? This means, I would have more time to think about what deserves my thinking”. By ensuring that its staff have access to these incredible tools, it seeks to streamline their work and make their work processes simpler and more efficient, currently working to implement new solutions such as contract and content companion from Litera. This, in the future, will continue to embolden its stance as a tailorable, adaptive, client-first business, and puts it on a promising track to further growth in the real estate market in Spain. Company: JAP LEGAL, SLP Contact: Ainhoa Marroquín Esperanza Website: