Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 35 team that believes in making better decisions. We have an integrated team filled with energy, engaged in a project that goes beyond the individual interests and acknowledges that together we are stronger.” One of Mendes Advocacia e Consultoria’s projects is Connecting, which aims to develop the so-called soft skills, based on internal meetings and meetings with market players. Counting on the collaboration of great names and different organisations, the team gets together to discuss legal issues and other topics related to its activities, such as entrepreneurship, management, and leadership. The main idea is to develop skills and attitudinal field. Next, Lucca speaks to us about when it comes to recruiting new staff at the firm. “In order to fulfil our mission, we are extremely careful in the selection processes, understanding that this is a two-way choice. In addition to the firm choosing the candidate, the person also has to choose Mendes Advocacia. “We look for talents who believe in our project and who are interested in building a career at Mendes Advocacia. Leadership, proactivity, trust and teamwork are qualities we always look for in our recruitment processes.” Ultimately, Mendes Advocacia e Consultoria’s focus on its clients is revealed in its delivery. Lucca said, “One of our values is ‘making it happen’, which represents the discipline from the beginning to the end in the contracted deliverables, accompanied by a “sparkle” in the eyes and a constant desire for improvement. We are ready to do differently, in the search for innovative legal solutions and adhering to the objectives of clients and partners.” Sep21624 Contact: Lucca Darwich Mendes Email: Website: Most Client-Focused Business Law Firm – Northern Brazil endes Advocacia e Consultoria’s mission is to transform the relationship between organisations and law firms, through transparent communication, focus on prevention and in- depth knowledge about its clients’ businesses. For this reason, it holds quality as an intrinsic value to its work. Quality understood as a suitability for use, based on an attentive look towards the needs and expectations of the different people and organisations it reports with. It is a firm in constant pursue of excellence, striving to remain relevant to all those who trust its work. It speaks the “same language” as its clients, so, in addition to traditional deliverables, it can contribute to their strategic decision making. Lucca Darwich Mendes said, “The focus on the client is reflected in the continuous concern with the quality of service rendering, and thereby, establish solid and lasting partner relationships. We don’t know where we will be arriving at, but we know where we want to, through a well-defined project and purpose, that anchors our decisions and make us believe that we are on the right path.” The firm addresses a variety of matters for clients in a range of industries, such as consumer and retail, healthcare, international business, logistics and transportation, sports, education, and engineering and construction. Some of its key types of work are the collection and recovery of credits through extrajudicial negotiation and judicial enforcement of securities, the preparation, analysis, interpretation and negotiation of contractual ties with clients, suppliers and third parties, the creation of internal policies, bylaws and compliance programmes, the tax planning, crisis management, corporate consulting and the labour advisory and consultation. Devoted to their work is Mendes Advocacia e Consultoria’s people. They are its main asset, intending to play a distinguished role in the market, and the firm counts on those who believe in its work and are passionate about working towards its goals. With this, it believes it can contribute to the development of its people and their careers through a stimulating and challenging environment, always in search of excellence. Speaking about his team, Lucca said, “We rely on the need for specialisation in the management of our firm, choosing a participatory model to integrate and retain talent. We assemble teams with diverse backgrounds and encourage entrepreneurship, attentive to new ideas, aiming at continuous improvement.” He continued, “We have formed a specialised and multidisciplinary M Mendes Advocacia e Consultoria is a young general business law firm which believes in personalising the provision of legal services based on a high degree of specialisation and a focus on the client and their business. In light of the firm being recognised within the AI Legal Awards 2021, we got in touch with Managing Director, Lucca Darwich Mendes to learn more.