Worldwide Finance Awards 2023

Worldwide Finance Awards 2023, Acquisition International | 33 Most Trusted Corporate Asset Management Firm 2023 - Dubai rom large corporations to middle market companies, family-owned businesses, sovereign entities, private equity firms, listed entities, HNW investors, and more, Emirates Capital focuses on delivering clients with solutions made to fit their individual needs. Emirates Capital offers a range of corporate finance services that cover merging and acquisition, capital raising, private equity, public offerings, and feasibility and market studies. Its comprehensive merging and acquisition services assist in the pre-execution, execution, and post-execution stages, ensuring clients are taking the necessary steps to ensure the transition goes as they hope. Meanwhile, its capital-raising services include raising debt capital and/or equity capital for business expansion, recapitalisation, and/or acquisition. It provides the most suitable capital structure and helps establish specialised investment vehicles where necessary. Over the years, Emirates Capital has developed a global network that provides clients with various advantages. In relation to lead arrangements, clients have access to Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Institutional Investors, PE Funds, Insurance Companies, Family Offices, Fund of Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and HNWI Investors. Additionally, through its private equity services, it utilises its vast experience and network to assist clients in placing their private equity capital. Emirates Capital’s team can help you throughout all stages, which include origination, financing, acquisition, and exit. Regarding its public offering, Emirates Capital is a lead advisor to clients seeking to raise debt capital on public markets – supporting them during the entire Bond/IPO listing process. Its services include company valuation, preparation of offering, compliance advisor, organising legal advice preparation and drafting of listing documents, organising road shows, book building and pricing, and managing distribution. Lastly, it provides feasibility and market study services to enable its clients to make the correct decisions about the viability of their business plans and projects. Some of the support it offers includes economic analysis and project feasibility, large-scale best-use studies, market analysis and market structure reviews, and much more. Emirates Capital manages the global and diverse portfolio of family offices, including high-net-worth professional investors, and it provides management services to domestic and foreign funds. It delivers holistic asset management services, including wealth planning, wealth management, trust and corporate services, real estate, tax planning, family governance, and charity and philanthropy. Through its domestic/ foreign funds services, Emirates Capital works with fund sponsors and investment advisors to provide establishment, execution, and compliance capabilities. This ensures full cost control through its flat fee structure, where clients have the ability to select the level of services they seek. By reaching out to The Emirates Capital, you can save time while gaining experience and competence as you build critical mass. The development, establishment, and management of collective investment funds is Emirates Capital’s primary focus when it comes to fund management. It has developed private equity funds focusing on projects in infrastructure, resources, renewables, and other sectors globally. This enables it to assist clients in developing specific fund concepts and strategies, its team advise them, and once in place, they ensure fund strategy implementation and can provide holistic fund management services. Emirates Capital’s services are led by a team of senior executives with large international transaction experience. They have worked in jurisdictions such as Switzerland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, United States, Russia, Hong Kong, China, and several Southeast Asian countries. Having held government advisory and corporate leadership roles in listed and nonlisted entities, the senior executives are able to uniquely qualify to serve clients’ long-term strategic goals. With 65 countries already developing their own Crypto Based Digital Currencies (CBDC), Empitares Capital is preparing for the introduction of the upcoming digital. Its services are constantly updated to the industry’s changes to deliver clients services they can rely on. We are delighted to share that Emirates Capital has been awarded the Most Trusted Corporate Asset Management Firm 2023 – Dubai. Its services are an excellent investment that guide and contribute to your business’s longlasting success. Contact: Erik Essiger Company: The Emirates Capital Limited Web Address: Founded in 2008, Emirates Capital provides its clients with corporate finance, asset management, and fund management solutions. Its expertise help companies be more strategic in where their money goes and when to ensure they are in the best financial position to face any unexpected challenges. F Chairman & CEO, Erik Essiger