Worldwide Finance Awards 2021

Acquisition International - 2021 Worldwide Finance Awards 16 Acquisition International - 2021 Worldwide Finance Awards Best Boutique Financial Services - London harter HCP is an international, commercial finance brokerage and consultation firm operating out of London, that has earned itself notoriety over time for being both hassle- free and comprehensive. Furthermore, it can provide its exemplary services for an exclusive group of businesses and the scales of operation therein, with capabilities in providing its solutions for clients from commercial real estate developers to venture capitalist start-ups and large project funders. This has allowed it to develop an expansive portfolio that ensures it can stand head and shoulders over its competition, creating the perfect width and breadth of work that has secured its place as a household name in financial service provision. Moreover, due to serving such a myriad of businesses across a multitude of different sectors and scales, it has been able to develop a correspondingly wide range of solutions. In essence, this element of its operational model allows it to respond to whatever individual and C unique aspects of the business are relevant, tailoring its work to fit around their goals, specifications, and structure. This ensures that its services – whilst entirely comprehensive – can remain unobtrusive, letting Charter HCP to take care of the financial management side of things whilst the business owner focuses on the bottom line. By granting its customers peace of mind in this manner it has been able to aid its clients in everything from funding a start-up to increasing working capital, obtaining assets, acquiring equipment, funding real estate developments or large projects, and acquiring a new company or business. Across each of its services it uses a selection of different financing platforms and sources to solve many of its clients’ financial challenges. Charter HCP, working in this manner, can address a multitude of different business models with elegance; it can also work with non-standard collateral, and overcome funding obstacles that may be more of a challenge to its competition. Above all, it takes great pride in its ability to think outside the box and find innovative, creative funding solutions for every situation, being selective about the people it works with so that whilst it is not everything to everyone, it is everything to a select few. Its solutions are perfect for those in its market segment and have been developed to be this, so that it can always make sure it is able to meet their needs and exceed their expectations, applying an in-depth understanding of the market and its pressures in order to help a client take the next step towards their success. This means that the initial stage of working with a client is the most important. In the initial consultation with them, Charter HCP will ascertain whether its work will function well for this particular client, and the client can ascertain whether Charter HCP’s style of working fits with their operation. Moreover, by matching both of these things and finding the right clients to work with, Charter HCP shows its dedication to only delivering the best service with the optimal results. If a client’s goals, chemistry, and projects fit within the paradigms that Charter HCP sets out for those that it works with, it will give back to them by showing said client how it can make meaningful and invaluable contributions to their business that will consistently add value to their services. This added value is, after all, what Charter HCP is best at – and it is excited to show many more clients in the future the difference its work can make for them. With an operational model dedicated to serving the right clients with the right services, Charter HCP’s work has secured it a roster of loyal customers that value its ability to tailor financial solutions to best fit their business. Upon becoming part of Charter HCP’s select client base, a customer can expect it to become the catalysts and engineers of solutions that reliably get their business or project funded, every time. May21751 Company: Charter HCP Contact: Thomas Pritchard Website: Company: Hoxton Capital Management Contact: Jocelyne Arana Web: Best International Independent Financial Advisory - UAE roviding personal finance advice to its clients of a standard that is hard to rival for its competition, Hoxton Capital Management is an expert in guidance for expatriate clients living all around the world. Being borderless, independent, and unrelenting, it makes a promise to its clients to safeguard their financial wellbeing no matter what, willing to go above and beyond to meet and exceed its clients’ needs. This was the belief upon which it was founded. Beginning in 2018, Hoxton Capital Management was founded by people who were by then qualified UK financial advisors in their own right, providing a springboard for this exemplary team to be able to reach the people who need their services most and taking a dynamic and proactive approach. Hoxton Capital Management, above all else, uses a holistic and comprehensive methodology when creating long term financial plans. This allows it to cultivate long-standing trust with its clients and within its sector, developing a reputation for reliability that changes the public’s perception of the offshore IFA sector; in order to do this, it strives to remain unbiased and impartial in its guidance. Hoxton Capital Management is consequently fully transparent when it comes to working with its clients, operating by way of regular meetings and check-ins and enjoyable sustainable growth brought on by the increase in demand on the personal finance sector. Often, it finds its competition are too old fashioned for the modern market. In response, Hoxton Capital Management carved out its niche by initiating video conferencing and using digital marketing even before the pandemic hit – something that its clients appreciated even more during the advent of the outbreak – and meaning that during the past year, Hoxton Capital Management has been able to step up for its clients where no other could. Moreover, due to its use of remote services, it funnels significant effort into keeping abreast of technological developments that benefit both its employees and P advisers, such as the client portal that gives them easy access to all case information. This is another facet of its dedication to honesty and reliability, creating a one-stop and user intuitive platform that highlights clients’ net worth, and shows them how it changes over time. The aforementioned feature is totally unique to Hoxton Capital Management. It is currently developing this into an app, which again will benefit clients and staff both – something which is also true of its remote working as it means meetings are far easier to schedule without travel time. With an exemplary team at its back, and an industry leading operational strategy, it is growing in markets such as Australia and America, and its property section is also expanding, giving clients the opportunity to invest in ways befitting their long-term financial goals. Furthermore, with such a heavy focus on training, upskilling, and betterment of its staff, it allows each of them to focus on their professional development; moreover, it is dedicated to helping them achieve that. That being said, its teamare already highly skilled straight from the first day, each of them coming to the business equipped with qualifications and global-level expertise that they apply to each case that comes across their desk. Hoxton Capital Management thanks each of its staff for their diligence and hard work with regular activities and days out, such as hikes, go-karting, and golf days, allowing them to re-enter the workplace rejuvenated and invigorated. In the future, it will be continuing to persevere with its highly effective remote work and technology-based marketing, offering more free webinars and looking forward to shaping its industry even further. Making itself a front-runner in changing its sector to better fit the modern world, Hoxton Capital Management is a totally remote services financial guidance company. With specialisms that serve expatriates all around the globe and expertise brought to its clients by its outstanding team of advisors, its work and the accessibility of its services has seen in be thrust to prominence during the past year. May21704