Worldwide Finance Awards 2021

Acquisition International - 2021 Worldwide Finance Awards 14 Acquisition International - 2021 Worldwide Finance Awards Best Accounting & Business Management Consultancy 2021 ware that the accounting and management needs of organisations vary according to their activity and size, TCAGest has created a set of solutions which allow it to provide services that are adapted and customised to the real needs of each company. Using the latest technologies and innovative practices in accounting and management, TCAGest presents a wide range of services that meet the most demanding needs of each company, whether they are micro, small and medium enterprises, or large multinational companies. By providing global services to support accounting and management, TCAGest also makes available a large flow of current and credible information based on economic and financial indicators that allow decision makers and managers greater security and speed in the decision making process. TCAGest has always prided itself on its adaptable team and its extensive experience in the fields of accounting, taxation, personnel management, consulting, and management support. It brings together a group of professionals with training in the most diverse areas, namely in business management, finance, economics, taxation, and law, who have the objective of maximising value delivered to clients and to give an adequate response to the challenges and needs that their projects and businesses face. A The experience of its employees and the work methodologies adopted, based on principles that require the constant improvement of practices focused on the profitability of its customers’ businesses, allow it to present the best solutions and achieve excellent results. With this, companies are in need of constant consulting from professionals, and this information sharing has to happen in real time, and must be made available on technologically advanced platforms so that company decision makers can also act in real time. However, when the pandemic hit the market, change in quality and speed of response were critical. Telecommuting became mandatory and social isolation was one of the biggest concerns of the organisation. In a short time, new forms of internal communication, customer service, and service delivery were implemented, with TCAGest already being technologically prepared to work remotely and to make available to its clients online access to all accounting and human resources information. In this way, it managed to get the whole team telecommuting within a week, before the first confinement process came into effect. It had to adapt to a new way of working, that is, look for solutions to maintain proximity, even at a distance. Meanwhile, the consumer profile has changed a lot in the last few years and is no longer a passive subject in the process of purchasing and contracting services. Therefore, digital presence is one of the main trends for the future of consulting. Thus, TCAGest is strongly committed to being present in the digital environment in order not to lose market share. Digital accounting is a trend that will continue to grow a lot in the coming years! With it, consulting firms will provide a faster, more practical, modern and effective service to their clients. Digital technology is not here to replace human work, but to optimise it. In other words, it is an investment in online services that help manage, organise and store data using automation so that teams can use their time and energy on really important activities. A good management system is capable of automating bureaucratic and repetitive processes. TCAGest is focused on adding technology to the profession, not replacing people with artificial intelligence! This is the future. Using digital media to value the professional and their valuable intellectual contribution in analysis and guidance with respect for clients. TCAGest is a global organisation which supports the accounting and management of companies, providing its customers and partners with the most advanced management tools, as well as a large multi-disciplinary and highly qualified team, in order to meet their specific needs. Jun21360 Company: TCAGest, Lda. Contact: Carla Luz, CEO / Paulo Luz, CEO Email: Website: Company: Strand Hanson Ltd Contact: Simon Raggett Email: simonraggett@ Website: Best Modern Merchant Banking Institution – UK trand Hanson is one of London’s foremost long-standing independent advisory boutiques, and it is a leading adviser to companies in both developed and emerging markets. Being wholly management owned and controlled lends significant flexibility and speed of response to the firm’s business model. Headquartered in London and with an office in Cape Town, South Africa, Strand Hanson’s operations are supported by a global network of advisers and consultants in Africa, South East Asia, South America and the Middle East, providing clients with local contacts who both understand their regional markets and have global capital market expertise. Its team has extensive finance experience across a broad range of sectors – particularly the wider natural resource and energy-related industries – and geographies, including emerging and frontier markets. From the outset, the executive team will meet the client to discuss their specific needs and to ensure they receive the services that are best suited to their investment strategy or corporate financial proposal. The focus is on delivering bespoke, strategic and timely advice. The specialist Strand Hanson team strives to deliver solutions for clients by using focused expertise, which enables it to minimise the risks inherent in complex transactions in order to structure the best deal for clients. Its effective planning significantly improves transaction processes and ensures that the end result is consistent with the client’s wider corporate strategy. Ultimately, the team seeks to tailor each transaction to the client’s specific needs, recognising that the “one size fits all” model does not maximise value or deliverability. Forming long-lasting relationships of trust with clients is important to Strand Hanson, partnering with them to identify and capitalise on opportunities, and address challenges should they arise. Its approach guarantees discretion and confidentiality, genuine independence of advice, speed of response, flexibility and creativity, and deep market S and regulatory relationships. What this means for clients is they will receive meaningful, value-adding, unbiased dialogue and advice, expert transactional execution, and unparalleled client retention levels. Since the establishment of its African office in 2008, which was in anticipation of booming interest in Africa, in particular in commodities and agriculture, Strand Hanson is proud to have advised on transactions in 28 African countries, and to have made direct investment in over a dozen African countries. Warren Pearce manages the company’s African presence, a South African national who has worked at Strand Hanson since February 2000, and who has a strong track record in originating and executing African mandates. Strand Hanson’s African presence provides a range of benefits for existing and potential clients, including up-to- date relevant country knowledge, key relationships with local market participants, on the ground presence leading to identification of high growth opportunities, and flexible approach enabling co-investment alongside established players. As a result of all its hard work and dedication, Strand Hanson is consistently ranked number one Nominated and Financial Adviser for AIM companies operating in Africa by number (London Stock Exchange statistics). Ultimately, regardless of the transaction, it is Strand Hanson’s policy to work closely with management, throughout the deal process and beyond, to fulfil the client’s objective and to forge long-lasting and deep relationships. This successful approach sees Strand Hanson being consistently recognised as one of the most active advisers to high growth companies quoted on, or applying to join, the AIM market. Founded in 1993, Strand Hanson is a leading independent, advisory-led, modern merchant bank, which focuses specifically on providing the highest quality independent financial and strategic advice to clients across a broad range of sectors and geographies. Bespoke services provided by the company include flotations, fundraisings, mergers and acquisitions, MBOs and MBIs, restructuring and disposals, general advisory, and private equity/ pre-IPO. Jun21546