Research & Development Awards 2023 • Research & Development Awards 2023 Community Skill Development Company of the Year 2023 - Australia Access able Connections services range from social support for adults and children, personal care for those with mental and physical disabilities, aged care, and everything in between. It offers Plan Management and Support Coordination services for NDIS participants, and even brokerage services for those who may not be covered by a NDIS package such as supervised visits and youth house support. With Access able Connection’s services spreading through Grafton and the surrounding areas, we wanted to catch up with the company on its success. Here we interview one of Access able Connection’s Directors, Mel Monaghan, as it secures its title in the Research and Development Awards 2023.

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Contents 5 Access able Connections: Community Skill Development Company of the Year 2023 - Australia 6 O C O Technology Ltd: Best Sustainable Construction Products & Carbon Capture Tech Company 2023 8 Morgan Technologies PVT Ltd: Best Pharmaceutical Machinery Engineering Company 2023 - Pakistan 9 SICGEN Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Biotecnologia Lda Best Biotechnology R&D Company 2023 - Portugal 10 Green Jellyfish: R&D Tax Credit Specialists of the Year 2023 - UK 11 V.M.Z. Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft: Capital Market Research Company of the Year 2023 12 isobiotec: Research Institute Product Engineers of the Year 2023 – Germany 7 5 11

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Research & Development Awards 2023, Acquisition International | 5 Community Skill Development Company of the Year 2023 - Australia To begin, could you tell us more about Access able Connections and how it came into existence? Access able Connections was initially established in 2017 by its current three directors, my husband, myself and a third business partner who had a vision and a goal of creating a community services business that strived to provide person centred support services of the highest possible standard to those in need in our community. All three of us come from a background of community services, each specializing in different sectors which was essential to get everything started in the early days. Our name Access able Connections was created during a brainstorming session where all directors wanted people in need to have Access to services, to be able, no matter what abilities an individual may have, and to provide Connections to appropriate services for individuals. Access able Connections currently employs close to 50 people, all of whom bring their own lived experiences and knowledge and provide services to close to 300 people across Australia. Tell us more about your role. What do you feel are the most important parts to what you do? I am a NDIS Plan Manager, which is someone that has financial responsibilities over a participant’s NDIS plan. Keeping up with sector and award changes ensures that my role always keeps me on my toes. Working with NDIS participants and their families is the most enjoyable aspect of my role, especially when we have been able to break down some of the psychosocial barriers impacting people accessing their community and appropriate support services. We have been privileged to be involved with some extremely isolated families in the Northern Territory who have never accessed services or had access to services. It is very heartwarming to see their quality of life change in a positive way and their enjoyment with having new formal and informal connections. I do have a passion for Youth Services and have been known to step in and physically support those that have struggled within the foster care and youth support systems. Having worked in Child and Youth services for many years, as well as having children of my own, it has definitely inspired my desire to help these young people navigate through the many challenges they face. What are your core values and mission. How do these improve your services? Our core values at Access able Connections are that our service users are not a number or a statistic, but an individual that has a right to quality of life and have access to services. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of support to people with a range of options to suit all individuals. Furthermore, how do your support workers cultivate an environment of excellence? Having a large team of support workers enables us to provide different skills and personalities to suit each occasion of service and work towards achieving the individuals’ goals in a customised manner. Keeping each support worker informed of progress via technology and team meetings ensures all supports are on the same page and have a common understanding of what it is we are achieving. During induction of all staff, they are made aware of our company’s mission and values. This is also where we can identify if the person is going to be the correct fit in to our Access able Connections team. We provide a newsletter to all of our staff each month highlighting particular achievements of our participants and congratulating our staff for their involvement. Team meetings are a great opportunity to reinforce our values while also providing the opportunity for the team to discuss new and innovative methods of service delivery or barriers that have been identified that hinder progress of goals and values. Now that we’re coming to the end of 2023, how do you reflect on the past, and what are your plans for the years to come? We still have quite a bit of work to do to achieve our goals of growing and becoming known in geographical areas that are currently lacking in service provision. We will continue to grow our team in these areas as well as locally to ensure Access able Connections has a strong presence and continues to be a preferred service provider to many. Contact: Mel Monaghan Company: Access able Connections Web Address: Access able Connections services range from social support for adults and children, personal care for those with mental and physical disabilities, aged care, and everything in between. It offers Plan Management and Support Coordination services for NDIS participants, and even brokerage services for those who may not be covered by a NDIS package such as supervised visits and youth house support. With Access able Connection’s services spreading through Grafton and the surrounding areas, we wanted to catch up with the company on its success. Here we interview one of Access able Connection’s Directors, Mel Monaghan, as it secures its title in the Research and Development Awards 2023.

6 | Acquisition International, Research & Development Awards 2023 Best Sustainable Construction Products & Carbon Capture Tech Company 2023 .C.O Technology was founded in 2010 with the goal of commercialising a technology that would help to further the circular economy and enable companies to achieve improved sustainability performance according to the waste hierarchy. When its first manufacturing facility opened in 2012, the company was a pioneer in its field. Prior to this, the waste materials that it now recycles were predominantly sent to landfill. O.C.O Technology’s mission is to provide effective waste valorisation solutions and assist in the global drive towards net zero. Every year, the company recycles 170,000 tonnes of waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill. It captures over 18,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, converting it into more than 350,000 tonnes of manufactured limestone, which saves the extraction of natural stone for use in construction. O.C.O Technology is an expert in carbon capture through Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT). It is a genuine Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) process in which carbon dioxide is permanently captured as stable carbonate minerals. In ACT, very little energy is required. Instead, the process relies on the reactivity of the waste material, since many wastes are naturally reactive with carbon dioxide in the presence of water. If the conditions are carefully controlled, this natural reaction can be accelerated. With water acting as a solvent, carbon dioxide and calcium ions can readily react, enabling the formation of calcium carbonate (manufactured limestone) in minutes rather than years. ACT can serve as an effective waste treatment process that stabilises contaminants, improves handling of waste, and reduces disposal costs. Many different types of wastes can be readily treated with ACT and rendered significantly less hazardous, including bottom ashes, boiler ashes, fly ashes, FGTs and APCrs, dross, slags, and mineral by-products. This means that the process has applications in many industries, including municipal, sewage, and biomass energy recovery, manufacture of cement, steels, and metals, quarrying, and mining. Moreover, ACT can also valorise wastes into sustainable materials for construction, including O.C.O Technology’s carbon neutral aggregate. Named M-LS (Manufactured Limestone), the product is produced in three commercially operating plants across the UK and is supplied to the construction industry. The aggregate can be tailored for use in different applications by adjusting its strength, diversity, and grading. M-LS is carbon neutral because, through ACT, carbon dioxide is permanently sequestered as stable carbonate minerals. Amazingly, every 1,000 tonnes of O.C.O Technology’s aggregate captures the same amount of carbon dioxide as planting 4,000 trees a year. Furthermore, for every tonne of M-LS used, a total of 1.4 tonnes of natural aggregate is saved, preserving a natural material that can never be replaced. Today, O.C.O Technology continues to develop new environmentally friendly products. Its technology can be applied to a multitude of applications, including the production of bricks, blocks, tiles, slabs, and conventional cementitious materials, all made from waste. As a pioneering technology-based SME, O.C.O Technology has faced the significant challenge of establishing itself in a market dominated by large corporations and multinational organisations. Launching a new product in a traditionally conservative industry, the company has found market penetration difficult. However, with many organisations coming to embrace the concept of the circular economy over time, it has been able to gain traction thanks to the sustainable credentials of its unique product. Considering its success in manufacturing a product with exceptional sustainability credentials, achieving carbon negativity, utilising tonnes of recovered materials for raw feed, and preserving huge amounts of natural resources, it goes without saying that sustainability is an integral part of O.C.O Technology and its operations. Internally, O.C.O Technology operates based on a sustainability policy that encompasses all three pillars of the issue: environmental, social, and economic. As a business, it works to enhance its already strong position in this area by investing in research and development, reducing its energy, utility, and material usage, minimising transport, promoting training and development, and encouraging diversity in the workplace. Furthermore, the company actively works with its upstream and downstream stakeholders, assisting them in their efforts to achieve their ambitious sustainability goals. Having completed more than a decade of operations, O.C.O Technology believes that research and development has played a significant role With three factories in the UK and operations across the globe, O.C.O Technology is one of very few carbon mineralisation companies in the world, specialising in carbon capture, sustainable construction products, and waste treatment. Built on over two decades of award-winning research and development, Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) has helped O.C.O Technology to become a world leader in the permanent capture of carbon dioxide. O Jul23276

For example, O.C.O Technology is currently working with Japanese companies Mitsubishi and Kobelco Eco Solutions to implement its technology and to further its research and development endeavours. The company also has several other collaborations in progress with organisations across the world, including Repsol Petronor in Spain. Additionally, it hopes to continue its international expansion by establishing a new business in Australia. With ambitious plans ahead, O.C.O Technology looks towards a bright future. We congratulate the company on its success in this year’s Research and Development Awards and look forward to seeing what it will go on to accomplish in the next few years. Company: O C O Technology Ltd Web Address: in its journey thus far. It also believes that it is the key to a sustainable future. Over the years, the company has seen firsthand how research and development has led to the emergence of several new and exciting technologies that have helped drive the circular economy and mitigate climate change. Furthermore, regulatory and financial support for the companies working to create these important technologies has increased, which O.C.O Technology views as an essential step in the right direction. As a result of its continued excellence, O.C.O Technology has been awarded Best Sustainable Construction Products & Carbon Capture Tech Company in the Research and Development Awards 2023. In the coming years, the company looks forward to a phase of rapid growth as it establishes its business overseas, working with a number of large businesses and government departments in many countries. Best Sustainable Construction Products & Carbon Capture Tech Company 2023

8 | Acquisition International, Research & Development Awards 2023 Best Pharmaceutical Machinery Engineering Company 2023 - Pakistan The year is 1987. Medical products within Pakistan are on the cusp of innovation, needing just a little push to enter into the next age of equipment. As such, Morgan Technologies PVT Ltd. (Morgan IAT) came into being. Initially focused on Howard Clarke’s design capabilities, partnered with a knack for developing pharmaceutical products, Morgan IAT has since accumulated an astounding repertoire of innovation. Join us as we venture through this company’s rich history, and how it came to produce some of the most innovative medical products throughout the region. Contact: Jawwad Ali Shah Company: Morgan Technologies PVT Ltd. Web Address: In the late 1980s, Morgan IAT’s journey began. As a result of a GP partnership, it took its first step towards redefining the future of Pakistan’s medical equipment industry. This came with the creation of its first lesion generator, which was successfully sold into the National Health Service in 1989. Within a few short years, Morgan IAT had already managed to make the impact that it set out to achieve – one that provided real, tangible solutions to pressing medical issues that had yet to be addressed. This excellence continued into the 1990s, which marked a drastic shift in the rate at which Morgan IAT developed more advanced machines using only top-of-the-range technology. It was at this time that it found its main focus – to create treatment options for the fledgling pain market. As such, the Neurotherm Range came to be. This range contains radiofrequency lesion generators for pain relief, and has served as the company’s flagship range even to this day. Now, the Neurotherm Range has influence over 60% of the world market, and is manufactured exclusively within the UK at Morgan IAT’s Hampshire site. Having worked with a plethora of universities and medical schools, Morgan IAT has succeeded in developing a multitude of ideas and concepts that have spearheaded further innovation within the industry. Through its work with Kings College in London, to Edinburgh University, Morgan IAT has been an integral part of the advancement of the medical sphere. In addition, as a result of these invaluable partnerships, Morgan IAT has created one of its most innovative products yet – the Menostat. This inspired piece of kit acts as endometrial ablation, which is widely regarded as an alternative to hysterectomies, as well as a low cost Diathermy machine for the treatment of cervical cancer. Morgan IAT is a company that designs, develops, and manufactures the next generation of medical machinery. Through utilising its Innovation 2 Income ecosystem, consisting of R&D, Manufacturing, Commercialisation, and Funding, it assists individuals in getting their products on the market, all whilst manufacturing revolutionary tools that have only served to enhance the medical sphere. It has an overwhelming passion for the market, and is constantly discovering new ways to support those who are set on having a positive societal impact. Morgan IAT concerns itself with the future, and is always seeking out new ways to innovate, seize opportunities, and guide the industry towards a better tomorrow. This is all accomplished through its status as a complete, end-to-end manufacturer. Morgan IAT represents a professional, innovative approach towards service that has it overseeing projects from initiation to completion. By deploying a 5-stage plan, Morgan IAT presents partners with invaluable information pertaining to market research, design, specifications, costs, involvement, product development, and manufacturing. This comprehensive array of capabilities is what defines Morgan IAT. It’s a collective that loves what it does, and this attitude is consistently displayed through each individual member of the team. We’re very proud to present Morgan IAT with this recent award title. It’s thanks to the company’s dedication to innovation, as well as the wellbeing of people across the world, that its journey has heralded such success time and time again. In over two decades, Morgan IAT has completely redefined the meaning of excellence within the medical machinery field, and is now the go-to manufacturer for the next advancements throughout the sector. We look forward to seeing how Morgan IAT utilises new advancements in technology to produce the medical machinery of the future. Jul23665

Research & Development Awards 2023, Acquisition International | 9 Best Biotechnology R&D Company 2023 - Portugal ortuguese scientist José Ramalho founded SCIGEN Antibodies as an adjunct to NOVA University of Lisbon. The company is designed to develop, produce and market polyclonal antibodies for use in research. For example, use of the antibodies against fluorescent proteins such as GFP, mCherry, and tdTomato have already been featured in many life science research publication, such as Nature, Cell and Science. SICGGEN Antibodies has a purpose-built lab space and animal house located in a small village in the district of Coimbra. Here it has ample capacity to produce hundreds of antibodies yearly, all raised in goats (Capra hircus). The success SICGGEN has experienced in its work has led to it increasing its product line to more than 300 antibodies, most of which are used for research purposes with a specific focus on Western Blotting (WB), Immunofluorescence (IF), and immunocytochemistry (IHC), although many are utilized for ELISA, immunoprecipitation and other biochemical techniques. SICGGEN is driven to continue to produce new antibodyrelated products and services, both for application within industry and research fields. In addition, it currently produces custom polyclonal antibodies for leading national and international institutions, including universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology distributors worldwide. It’s predominant market focus is North America, Europe and the Far East. SICGGEN’s ability to focus on niche areas, and gaps in the market, as well as its focus on supplying high-quality antibodies is what has led to its success. It also helped that its founders were themselves scientists, rooted in the world of academia, which enabled it to identify antibodies that were in demand, and anticipate which areas were likely to evolve next. Such a strategic focus allowed it to gain a competitive advantage in a crowded market, supported by its ability to utilise cutting-edge technologies in an effective way. Research and development is a major priority for SICGGEN, allowing it to explore new ideas and identify any gaps in the market it can fill either by improving its existing antibodies, or developing new ones. It is committed to becoming a global producer of polyclonal antibodies and antibodyrelated products, all provided inclusive of high-quality services and at competitive prices. Recent advancements in antibody production and purification techniques, characterization methods, and antibody validation, has helped to make experiment results more reliable, and reproduceable. SICGGEN, along with other organisations, has also been working to establish standards and guidelines for antibody valuation to encourage manufacturers to follow rigorous validation protocols. Advanced tech has introduced the use of recombinant antibody engineering techniques, and alternative affinity reagents such as nanobodies and aptamers. This has provided researchers with additional tools when studying antibodies. Such collaboration between industry, regulatory bodies, and researchers is crucial to continue advancing and meeting the needs of the scientific community. Price can be a major stumbling block when it comes to scientific progress. That is why antibody specificity and reproducibility is important. Maintaining consistency in antibody production and quality control is also essential to minimise variability in research findings. SICGGEN has explored ways of reducing the costs of antibody production without compromising quality. It’s done this by streamlining the manufacturing process/improving scalability using large animals (goats). This consistency helps it build trust with researchers, and differentiate itself in the market. Its stringent quality control, testing, and documentation contributes vastly to the advance of scientific research and discovery. SICGEN continues to develop, produce and market novel antibodies, working to fill several antibody markets gaps. It also has an intention to reach out to new customers in different market areas through increase of its distribution channels and the implementation of a free sample programme. It feels that by taking full advantage of cutting-edge technologies it is equipped to become a global producer of high-quality polyclonal antibodies, at the most competitive prices. It is clear why SCIGEN Antibodies has been named Best Biotechnology R&D Company 2023 – Portugal. It’s tremendous efforts in the field really are second-to-none. Company: SICGEN Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Biotecnologia Lda Web Address: Contact Name: Jose Ramalho Founded in 2008, SICGEN Antibodies is a European company involved in the development, manufacture, and marketing of polyclonal antibodies for cell biology research. Based in Coimbra, Portugal, its antibodies have been successfully used in several life science research areas, and featured in leading scientific publications. It also produces custom polyclonal antibodies for leading national and international institutions such as universities, research institutes, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. P

Aug22499 10 | Acquisition International, Research & Development Awards 2023 R&D Tax Credit Specialists of the Year 2023 - UK &D Tax Credits are designed to allow SMEs to claim back a percentage of costs associated with research and development. Businesses of many industries and sizes can access the scheme. However, sectors most commonly conducting R&D are IT and software, electrical engineering, manufacturing, care, food and drink, and agriculture. Green Jellyfish champions its highly skilled team of specialists who support companies through the R&D Tax Credit claims process. For customers, Green Jellyfish assists in the claims process with thorough eligibility checks, effortless claims submission, and maximised claims. Research and development are crucial stages for businesses wishing to stay competitive in an ever-growing market and increase their economic growth. However, implementing new technologies can be expensive with costs such as additional staffing, subcontractors, software, and materials. Green Jellyfish ensures that a proportion of these costs can be recovered through R&D Tax Credits, whether the project finds success or not. On a micro-scale, research and development allows smaller companies to continue to improve their services, with HMRC offering amazing savings to cut costs. For UK businesses operating on a macro-scale, R&D encourages them to consistently raise their service and product quality, creating more employment opportunities as a result. The UK is currently the world leader in research and development and with consistent investment and incentivisation will be able to stay that way. By helping SMEs to access significant tax savings, Green Jellyfish aims to inspire its clients to continue investing in research and development practices. Based in Norwich, Green Jellyfish has an expert team of over 50 R&D specialists and is continuing to grow. Green Jellyfish aims to improve its brand awareness to further promote the R&D Tax Credit scheme. Many eligible businesses are unaware of the government initiative or don’t have the resources to make claims for themselves. Green Jellyfish bridges this gap for businesses wishing to use the claims process to fund innovative research and development projects. The company upholds three core values in its work: expertise, service, and innovation. Its specialist team stays up to date on the latest R&D news to guarantee clients are provided with up-to-date information, ensuring compliance and maximising claims. Green Jellyfish also offers responsive, professional customer service that looks to build long-lasting business relationships. Lastly, it strives to continue its promotion of innovation, rewarding its clients for their groundbreaking work in research and development. Green Jellyfish saw a 7% rise in claims in 2022, proving businesses are keen to innovate and improve for the benefit of their customers. The pandemic presented challenges for many businesses, with operations taking place primarily online. Green Jellyfish embraced this opportunity, moving its file organisation and company communications online to streamline its processes and promote sustainable business practices by reducing paper waste. Recent changes by HMRC have amplified the benefits of conducting research and development for businesses. The company’s vision is to continue spreading awareness of its R&D tax credit scheme. Earlier in the year, Green Jellyfish began sharing informational videos about the benefits of the government scheme. This promotion aimed to encourage businesses to conduct their own research and development but also to increase engagement for Green Jellyfish. Looking to the future, the company is excited to carry on developing to support even more businesses across the UK. Green Jellyfish has been honoured with this year’s award for R&D Tax Credit Specialists – UK for its role in shaping the landscape of research and development. Company: Green Jellyfish Web Address: A specialist R&D Tax Credit consultancy firm, Green Jellyfish, is passionate about supporting innovation in the UK. Utilising the government initiative that grants businesses the opportunity to reduce their corporation tax bill, Green Jellyfish encourages its clients to reap the benefits of the R&D Tax Credit scheme to help unlock thousands in tax savings. R

Research & Development Awards 2023, Acquisition International | 11 Both the company founder and VMZ have received numerous awards for outstanding work with investors. VMZ prides itself on its customer orientation and continues to provide successful financial outcomes for its customers. The company predicts challenges in relation to the stock market, economy, and German politics. Despite this, VMZ remains optimistic that with thorough risk assessments, discipline, and foresight, the business will continue to create wealth and preserve value for years to come. Contact Details Contact: Markus Dr. Zschaber Company: V.M.Z. Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft Web Address: Capital Market Research Company of the Year 2023 Founded by Dr. Markus C. Zschaber m.b.H, VMZ offers an independent, highly professional asset management service. Its founder and managing director is considered one of the most renowned asset managers in Germany and uses his experience to support all processes in the company. During the country’s financial crisis and the ongoing euro crisis, Dr. Markus C. Zschaber has been available to political bodies as an external advisor and is currently involved in discussions with Berlin and Brussels concerning sovereign debt, inflation, and ECB policy. VMZ’s customers include private investors, municipalities, charitable funds, pension funds, and foundations. Its clientele attest to the company’s superior, reliable services in the fields of asset and portfolio management. Portfolio management involves managing investments and other financial products (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) that make up your portfolio. Asset management is a broader term referring to the process of managing and maintaining a company’s or individual’s assets (property, equipment, investments). VMZ’s proven investment process forms the foundation for all of the business investment decisions. Its process is based on years of research and a company assessment to determine dynamic and organic growth, high recurring revenue, profitability, management, and healthy operating margin. Through the company’s informed asset allocation and intelligent portfolio management, clients can use the fluctuating stock markets to work to their advantage. VMZ believe a risk management approach is one of the key factors for the sustainable success of a portfolio. Sustainable risk management is a strategy that uses a company’s environmental, social, and governance policies to address potential risks and generate sustainable long-term growth. Examples of risks fall into three categories: environmental (inefficient energy consumption, failure to adapt to climate change), social (discriminatory hiring, unsafe work environments), and governance (inadequate risk management, lack of financial transparency). VMZ’s effective risk management framework helps the company to identify any emerging challenges that could affect the organisation’s operations. Maintaining this approach allows VMZ to successfully manage and make decisions concerning its clients’ portfolios. Describing the company’s working attitude, Dr. Markus C. Zschaber says, “We are a very motivated and highly qualified team that enjoys working, managing, and analysing. This requires greater effort and a high demand on management and the operational team. Short-term success can be luck, but you can’t base your strategy on luck, especially not when it comes to investing.” Having worked within capital markets for almost thirty years, the company has seen out many challenges and market fluctuations. VMZ attributes its excellent performance to an extensive sustainable risk management strategy and continuous research. Based on its industry experience and management qualities, VMZ is able to offer the right form of investment for every client’s needs. Employees take the time to consider a customer’s individual circumstances and work to prioritise their wishes with an investment strategy. The company seeks to always remain transparent and comprehensive, maintaining regular communication with investors. For three decades, VMZ (Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft) has specialised in asset management, working to safeguard clients’ existing assets and offering comprehensive support for customers during and after investment. Its motivated and highly qualified team work in collaboration with clientele to provide investment opportunities that create wealth and preserve value. V.M.Z. Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft Jul23047

12 | Acquisition International, Research & Development Awards 2023 Research Institute Product Engineers of the Year 2023 – Germany Homogenization offers a wide variety of benefits that span across many industries and developments. It is down to the years of experience that have gone into the equipment we use and the research that can come of it. Looking to a fierce contender in the industry, isobiotec, we can see that the homogenization equipment is much more than it seems to an outsider. Contact: Christine Etri Company: isobiotec Web Address: “isobiotec cell homogenizer is engineered to a high standard of precision. It breaks and homogenizes cells gently by using two disposable syringes, cells are passed repeatedly through a bore in a stainless steel block that contains a tungsten carbide ball. Since the diameter of the balls is not much smaller than the diameter of the bore, the cells are forced through narrow passage that breaks them up. isobiotec cell homogenizer is the smallest cell homogenizer on the market.” Homogenization is a process in which two immiscible liquids may be converted into an emulsion. One of the most well-known processes of homogenization is the production and processing of milk. As the fat from milk normally separates from the water content, it is imperative for our homogenization process to be successful. However, a homogenizer may be used for more urgent, life-saving processes such as medical research and more advanced medical treatments. As we continue to scientifically evolve, it is imperative that this kind of equipment exists – so that we can achieve more with every treatment. Homogenizers be used to lyse cells – meaning scientists can breach the cell membrane/wall to expose intracellular contents, and other cellular constituents as a free suspension of intact individual components. With this necessary process, scientists can also make biological samples for experimentation and research purposes. “Liquid homogenization is the most widely used cell disruption technique, especially with small volumes and cultured cells. In this method, cells are lysed by the action of being forced through a small space, which acts to shear the cell membranes.” This can be said for cells such as brain, lung, lymphoma, neuroblastoma cells, and much more. By homogenizing these cells scientists can produce research that will inevitably advance us scientifically, helping us to create better medical treatments. Not only can we reduce tumor cells or pathogens, but we can reduce particle size of chemicals so as to create medication of consumable size, without losing potency. During homogenization, many samples can be reduced to nanometre-sized particles – consistently supplying us with the right dose of medication. This truly aids our research in the field of science and medicine. With over 40 years of experience in precision engineering, isobiotec has developed the oligonucleotide synthesizer and DNA sequencer to provide only the very best to its clients and the field of research. Now, as a holder of a European patent within its latest design, isobiotec ensures that research can be carried out in a successful manner. Its cell homogenizer has a tiny volume which makes the device efficient when dealing with small samples. The device provides minimal loss of material. It comes with a wide range of tungsten carbide balls as part of the basic kit. The cell homogenizer is the result of its devotion to maintaining the leading edge through research development and close cooperation with international Universities and Research Institutes. Its clients include many organizations throughout the world, and, on a global scale, it has become a fine source of equipment that is deeply rooted in experience and knowledge. As Research Institute Product Engineers of the Year 2023, Germany, isobiotec’s invaluable work has not gone unrecognised. Winning Best Research Institute Product Engineers – Germany last year, isobiotec is continually impressing us with its dedication to its products, and the medical industry. Jul23293

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