M&A Awards 2021

Acquisition International - M&A Awards 2021 9 Oct21871 Best Emerging M&A Advisors 2021 - New South Wales Based in Sydney, SCD Advisory is an independent corporate and M&A advisory boutique. Founded in 2019, the company focuses on selling private People and IP-based businesses. SCD has developed a network of affiliate experts around the world giving the company a truly international reach. aluing a business for sale is a balancing act. Setting the right price to ensure the seller gets the best deal, whilst at the same time attracting the right buyer can be tricky to say the least. Although assessing the value of intangible assets is challenging, estimating the selling price of intellectual property and people’s knowhow realistically requires specific expertise. SCD Advisory provides end-to-end transaction advice and specialises in People and IP-based private mid-cap transactions. Operating in sectors such as management consulting, Software and IT services, media/marketing, design and engineering, SCD works with private businesses with revenues of $10 million and above seeking an exit strategy. Ensuring that a business is investor-ready, SCD often provides its clients with help and advice in the months before going to market. The company also works with large groups and PE funds to identify and execute ‘buy’ deals. Pierre Briand is SCD’s Founder and Managing Partner. Pierre, whose background is in corporate finance, banking and wealth management, has 25 years of experience advising entrepreneurs. Having worked on many deals both in Australia and France, he has developed a reputation as a knowledgeable and trusted advisor. 3 core values drive SCD forward: trust, expertise and delivering outcomes. We ask Pierre to tell us about the challenges the company has faced recently: “The M&A markets are in peak condition. There are several reasons for this. Interest rates are low, valuations are high due to post-COVID growth and there’s lots of cash available. The sectors we work with are in demand and attractive to investors. But in Australia we’re experiencing a shortage of talent due to reduced international mobility, recruiting the right people is challenging. Prioritising tasks and managing the expectations of clients and buyers has become more important than ever before.” Since its inception, SCD has facilitated over 21 major deals, selling businesses to Deloitte, DXC, Mercer, McKinsey, Nous, Capgemini, IBM or Cyient. Clients describe the team’s passion as contagious and its experience as invaluable. Pierre is actively involved with managing both his team and the company’s clients. He tells us: “In current conditions, drive, focus and a lot of discipline are required to make a deal happen. Both parties V need to know what they want. Our focus is to provide visibility for all stakeholders thereby gaining trust.” When asked which skills a successful M&A advisor needs, Pierre explains: “It takes time to accumulate the experience needed. The work is technical but client and deal management requires an understanding of psychology too. Dealmakers need to have good listening skills and be empathetic. It’s important to learn how to manage stress and how to not take things personally too. You can’t consider yourself a winner or a loser based on the positive or negative outcome of a deal. The job could be binary: at the end of the day, a deal is either signed or it is not.” Looking to the future the company plans to continue making deals in the People and IP-based sectors in Australia. The aim, to be recognised as a leader in this niche. Continuing to expand the team is on the agenda too.You can find a host of glowing customer testimonials on SCD’s recently updated website. If you’re looking for an expert in IP-based M&A, why not pay it a visit? Contact: Pierre Briand Company: SCD Advisory Web Address: www.scdadvisory.com