M&A Awards 2021

8 Acquisition International - M&A Awards 2021 Best Impact Investment Fund 2021 300 million Euro private equity fund, Sustainable Growth Fund 2 is based in Luxembourg, managed by Sustainable Growth Management. Critically, the fund itself is an SCSp SICAV-SIF monetary entity operating under AIFM rules and the regulations of the CSSF in Luxembourg proper, boasting Alter Domus as AIFM and Administrator. With a status of what is known as a ‘dark green fund’- defined by Article 9 under Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations – this fund follows the UN principles for responsible investing and has been created in line with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. There are several sectors that see direct benefit from this fund, including energy efficiency, waste management, renewable energy generation, and other such sustainability and ecological risk mitigation efforts. Fundamentally, its incredible team of environmentally conscientious and financially experienced professionals have worked hard to deploy a longstanding investment strategy in order to make this possible, offering differentiated strategies for both investors and investees that ensure an understanding and goal-oriented approach to client service. When it comes to this strategy differentiation, it targets less direct competition for investments and invests in companies with revenues typically in the 10-100 million Euro or above bracket. Additionally, Sustainable Growth Management targets investment returns of greater than multiples of 2.0x, considering a 25% IRR, as well as additional contractual elements pertaining to the downside risk protection parameters at play. A Sustainable Growth Management, a private equity fund management company, is working out of Luxembourg to fund companies operating across sectors in the innovative energy efficiency and renewables field. Crucially, the fund primarily works with highly lucrative industry leaders, ensuring that for both investors and investees the return on investment is highly beneficial across the board, targeting a 300 million Euro fundraising goal to focus on mid-cap companies in sustainable solution development. Company: Sustainable Growth Management Contact: Jennifer Wick Website: sgm.lu Dec21012 With deployment across Europe and North America both, investments are made in the form of convertible loan notes, targeting a gross annual yield of 6-10, and an annual capital appreciation of over 20%, it is easy to see how Sustainable Growth Management has become such a mainstay of the private equity fund world. Furthermore, extensive origination networks set up behind the scenes ensure that the team can guarantee access to high-quality, proprietary deal flow, as well as quick deployment, using a database that has been tracking over 5000 relevant companies in recent years. This ensures that Sustainable Growth Management can provide the capital for scaling up businesses when they reach the relevant corporate milestones to be able to do so. Typically, the investee companies that it works with have blue chip, government linked customers themselves, and a feasible short-term path to shareholder exit, including market exit events; this allows Sustainable Growth Management to show its efficacy at value creation through taking board seats to support continued growth, and shows its dedication to its clients. Of course, like all private equity funds, it has criteria that must be met prior to investment. These stipulations pertain to a client having commercially proven technology and products, a clear path to shareholder exit, a solid customer base, and a forecast of sustainability, and it looks forward to bringing on board many more clients who fit this criteria in the future.