M&A Awards 2021

16 Acquisition International - M&A Awards 2021 Dec21038 The team have recently partnered up with eMLS, and will deliver their incredible 2022 season with a comprehensive range of digital and physical events that include the need for broadcast and social media coverage. The OS Studios team are also continuing to maintain their partnership with Navy MWR and Twitch as they dive into 2022. These successes are just the tip of the iceberg for the team as more businesses make a recovery. So far as the team at OS Studios are concerned, 2022 is the year of the comeback, with many shifting from digital to hybrid ways of showcasing their products and services. When we look at OS Studios, we look at a firm that has thrived on specificity and flourished by taking on work from businesses which share their care and attention to detail. We celebrate their incredible achievements and look forward to what they will achieve next. Company: OS Studios Contact: Navneet Randhawa Web Address: https://www.osstudios.gg/ Email: navneet.randhawa@osstudios.gg Best Gaming Solutions Acquisition (North America): Project Worldwide / OS Studios traddling the line between marketing services, the media and the heart of gaming culture, OS Studios has found its home in the creation of new and exciting experiences across various sectors. For brands today, the challenge is not to engage the older generations, but to find a way of connecting with the latest: Gen Z. To achieve this goal, the team at OS Studios is young and dynamically led, with passion at the core of every decision. The success of the firm has come from its boots on the ground approach, allowing their clients to take the lead in the rapidly expanding world of gaming and esports. Their ability to strategize and design on a client’s behalf is what sets them apart. Covering a project from its inception through to the final delivery, the team have proudly been a part of many major campaigns, working alongside such high-profile brands as Twitch, Amazon, Nike and Activision Blizzard to name but a few. The growth of the gaming sector has seen the firm having to adapt to meet demand. With the global games market expected to generate revenue at $218 billion in 2024, the decision was made to be acquired by Project Worldwide. This decision will futureproof the company for this rate of continuous growth by providing a committed sector of the organization that is focused purely on gaming and culture. This degree of foresight has been crucial to the continued success of OS Studios. Internally, OS Studios reflects this need to pay attention to the challenges of the moment. Their work has always involved remote working and working digitally, but the pandemic accelerated this significantly. Throughout the changes that have occurred, the team have ensured that their clients are comfortable and happy with what is occurring. This trust has paid off in the last two years and put the team in an exceptional position. It’s one thing to be a trusted provider, but another to be one trusted to think out of the box and consistently deliver strong results. Looking ahead, it’s clear that the future of OS Studios is going to become less about service and production and more about scale. This ability to grow will depend on the use of IP, and whether the team either owns IP or can license it. Instead of simply working with one brand or activation, the interconnectedness of the world today has proven that the way forward is developing ecosystems that encompass several brands. S The gaming industry is in an extraordinary period of growth, with new technologies allowing businesses to push the boundaries of immersion for their customers. The team at OS Studios have built their reputation on strategy, the creation of great content and fantastic experiences for their clients. We take a closer look at the firm in light of their extraordinary success. John Higgins (CEO) and Ian Packard (COO) of OS Studios.