M&A Awards 2021

Acquisition International - M&A Awards 2021 15 Best Marketing Acquisition 2021 (Canada): King Street Media/Now Creative Group King Street Media is a creative agency focused on purpose-driven growth by providing dedicated services ranging from digital advertising and social media marketing to brand strategy and content creation. We speak to Partner and Director of Accounts, Mark Simone, about a particularly successful acquisition that secured the company a well-deserved place in the M&A Awards 2021. Dec21169 Based in downtown Toronto, King Street Media (KSM) is a growth agency serving startups, non-profits, and large enterprises with branding, content creation, social strategy, paid advertising, growth marketing and more. With a team comprising talented creatives, strategists and problem- solvers, KSM serves a diverse clientele worldwide. “We’re fuelled by entrepreneurial thinking and positive impact,” states Director of Accounts and Partner in the firm, Mark Simone. “We focus on strategic branding paired with quality content to share stories, create change and enable growth.” The company acquired Now Creative Group, founded in 2013 by Daniel Francavilla, in April 2021. Having subsequently been rebranded as Now Impact Studio, this arm is committed to helping organizations create and communicate their impact through authentic branding, quality content, and inspiring storytelling. Managing Partner Anthony Chiaravalloti was instrumental in KSM’s acquisition of the eight-year-old company, also based in Toronto, and elaborates on the rationale behind the merger. “When KSM first began, our approach was to use data to attract and retain new audiences for our clients online,” he explains. “With the acquisition of Now Creative Group and its team, we were able to pair the science with the art and build impactful creativity to enhance the overall story.” Anthony believes the merger was such a success due to its leadership team, which follows a model of radical transparency and promoted feedback and input from its team members ahead of the deal. Indeed, KSM’s leadership style is dynamic, with every decision made being based on the company’s core values wthatare intrinsically tied to its overall mission and vision. “We believe in integrity and transparency, while remaining nimble and solution-focused,” Mark states. “We want the people within our team to feel empowered too. If you know what is important to you and what you value, then you certainly know what you are willing to compromise on for a greater goal.” Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic played a major role in the digital space over these past two years and Mark tells us that when it all began there was a real sense of fear and uncertainty amongst the leadership team, however this quickly transitioned into action and opportunity. “Businesses that were previously holding off on expanding B their online presence were suddenly put in a position where there was no other way to reach or engage their target audience. Our agency was able to stay nimble and adapt.” It is due to this ability to alter its offering at such short notice and continue working and supporting its clients, as well as completing the subsequent momentous acquisition, that got KSM recognized for its diligence in the M&A Awards 2021, for which it received the coveted title of Best Marketing Acquisition 2021 (Canada): King Street Media/ Now Creative Group. Regarding the future, KSM is committed to building a community and culture within the agency that fosters entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation. At a micro level, the firm wants to continue to put Toronto and businesses and start-ups on the map. Mark leaves us with a few words of wisdom that have proved invaluable during his time with KSM. “Meet early and often, leave no stone unturned, and don’t be afraid to have difficult conversations,” he says. Anthony adds, “Our team created a 1, 5, and 10-year plan as a result of this company decision, ensured all partners were aligned, and then continuously poked holes in the plan to identify gaps and areas of opportunity. Toronto is quickly turning into a global hub for entrepreneurship and innovation and at KSM, we want to help these changemakers amplify their impact.” Contact Details Contact: Daniel Francavilla Company: King Street Media Web Address: www.kingstmedia.ca