M&A Awards 2021

14 Acquisition International - M&A Awards 2021 Oct21553 Best Fashion-Focused Private Equity Investor 2021 & Best Luxury Clothing Deal 2021: Quadrivio Group of GCDS What does it mean to focus on leaders? For the team at Quadrivio Group S.à r.l., the world of investment is one which can be conquered by championing the triumphs of the best of the best. Having achieved the remarkable in the M and A Awards 2021, we thought it time to take a closer look at how they have been able to thrive over the last few years. here’s nothing quite like experience, and with 20 years of expertise in private equity under their belts, it’s easy to see why so many turn to the team at the Quadrivio Group. Acting as a primary operator in alternative investments, the firm has made its name through the promotion and management of specialized funds that focus on main macro-trends. Since opening their doors, the Quadrivio Group team have achieved astonishing success. More than 2bn euros have been raised from institutional investors, family offices and HNWIs, both in Italy and internationally and this is a number which continues to rise. Through this remarkable achievement, the firm has been proud to invest in over 100 projects, demonstrating how the team has been able to generate unparalleled value and top-quartile performance. The success of the team’s approach comes in no small part from their incredible eye for detail. Focusing on three sectors, namely Made in Italy, Industry 4.0 and the Silver Economy, the team has been able to assist in the transformation of many SMEs into small multinational organisations. These organisations have the support of the Quadrivio Group in its entirety, with six offices in London, Milan, Luxembourg, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong showcasing how deeply embedded the team is in the world’s financial hubs. Given its home in the heart of Italy, it’s little wonder that the team has been proud to achieve incredible success within the fashion industry. T Their Made In Italy fund prioritises the needs of the fashion, design, beauty and food & wine sectors which have made Italy a cultural capital throughout the world. The targeting of SMEs within Italy means that small companies with enormous potential have been able to rapidly accelerate their growth while maintaining their high standards of creativity at all times. In this way, the finest that Italy has to offer has been able to reach new audiences beyond the country’s borders. It goes without saying that achieving such incredible success, both for the Quadrivio Group and for its investors and investees, is a credit to the hard work of the staff. The firm is made up of qualified professionals who care deeply about their specific sectors. Working alongside SMEs means ensuring that while these companies find ways of expanding, they do not do so at the expense of losing their individuality. When the Quadrivio Group works with a company, they are always looking to maintain the vital spark which brought them such success in the first place. The know-how to thrive in the modern marketplace is key to the success of so many organisations. We celebrate the achievements of the team at the Quadrivio Group and the investments they have been able to secure because it has ensured that the best that Italy has to offer has been able to reach unprecedented numbers of people. Company: Quadrivio Group S.à r.l. Contact: Maria Pompilio Email: m.pompilio@quadriviogroup.com Quadrivio Group S.à r.l.