2019 Legal Awards

20 Acquisition International - 2019 Legal Awards Offering clients true choice, it is the only law group in the UK to offer both regulated services, through 360 Law Services, and unregulated services through 360 Business & Private Client Law. As a result, only by working with 360 Law Group can clients instruct the same lawyer either in a regulated manner, which comes at a higher cost but with increased protection, or an unregulated manner at a lower cost on a simple balanced commercial contract. Thus, the group is able to provide the same quality services, but at substantially lower rates. Through this commercially astute portfolio of services, this dynamic group is able to offer a range of fixed priced legal services, that allow its clients to have total control over cost. These services include the group’s renowned subscription services for commercial contracts and employment law, which allows clients to fix their legal fees across multiple jurisdictions at a set monthly fee that is usually lower than they can employ a single lawyer in one jurisdiction. Recently, as part of its continued focus on innovation, the group introduced its International Legal Network. This unique network allows consultants to cross refer matters they are dealing with to other consultants in the network. For example, a Swedish counsel could refer a matter to a Californian counsel. This approach provides consultants with the ability to extend their local practice to a global player, benefitting the consultant and their clients. Looking ahead, 360 Law Group intends to expand this network and build its international operations, which will include opening direct operations in the United States. The group will also be enhancing its case management system and other IT systems to further improve responsiveness for clients and ensure that they continue to receive the cutting-edge support they have come to rely on from this revolutionary law group. Company: 360 Law Group | Name: Robert Taylor Address: 377-399 London Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3HL Telephone Number: 03337720826 Web Address : www.360lawgroup.co.uk Most Innovative Virtual Law Firm 2019 igitalisation is affecting all aspects of the corporate landscape today, as consumers seek even more convenient and effective ways to live their lives. One company working to adapt around this trend is 360 Law Group, a dynamic international team whose unique concept has led it towards increased renown from clients around the world. Initially established as a corporate and commercial practice, over the years the group has expanded into other areas as its client base has grown, providing both employers and employees with the legal solutions they need. Currently 360 Law Group is the only law firm in the UK to have fully taken advantage of the Legal Services Act 2007, which deregulated major parts of the legal market and provided an opportunity to change the way law services are delivered. The Act was brought in to ostensibly achieve two things: to lower legal fees for businesses and more pertinently the consumer; and also, to provide high quality legal services, something that Sir David Clementi’s review of the regulatory framework recommended. This legislation has opened up considerable opportunity for innovative forward-thinking law firms and great benefits for legal consumers. Among these forward-thinking and innovative companies was 360 Law Group, which is dedicated to providing its clients with the services and support they need and using technology to change the way legal services are delivered, thereby lowering the cost of legal services to consumers. Working to disrupt the legal market as we know it, 360 Law Group is a creative virtual law firm with over 200 consultant solicitors, barristers and overseas attorneys in over 30 countries globally. Together this expert team is able to provide its award-winning services to a wide range of clients, as we found out when we profiled it and shared an insight into how it came to win one of our prestigious AI Legal Awards for 2019. D

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