2019 Legal Awards

Acquisition International - 2019 Legal Awards 19 or most travellers, there is a sinking moment of dread when the flight is delayed without an estimated time of departure, or baggage doesn’t come around on the carousel after a flight. Specialising in getting compensation for flight delays, cancellations, overbooking, lost or damaged baggage, and – in general – for ruined holidays, TravelAssistance are always on hand to help protect travellers, tourists, or professional workers on a business trip. As well as assisting the travellers themselves, the firm also works with travel agencies and tour operators to establish a wide network of knowledge and expertise when it comes to building a case. Furthermore, travel agencies and tour operators receive, thanks to the partnership with the firm, a legal assistance for their issues (i.e. if a client sues the agency, or if a contract has to be drafted or signed). More than a network however, the agencies and operators offer a chance for TravelAssistance to help them with their clients in pursuit of compensation. F Best Travel & Tourism Law Firm 2019 - Italy Lawyers by profession and travellers by passion, the legal team at TravelAssistance invite their clients to leverage both their technical and personal knowledge of the tourism industry when seeking compensation. Whether it is damage to personal luggage, or unfair legalities and terms, or complex issues with a tour operator; nothing should stand in the way of the perfect holiday or business trip. Settling for nothing less than complete victory and satisfaction for their clients, the team not only offer their services for free, but they also constantly update their own knowledge and are constantly studying to improve their legal methods. With completely rounded legal preparation, and meticulous attention to detail, every case is treated with the utmost care to ensure the greatest chance of success when making a claim for compensation. Despite the peak seasons and the busy times happening largely in the summer, there is often little respite for travel agencies who have people booking their next holiday all the time. Therefore, it is imperative for firms such as TravelAssistance that they are available every hour of the day and night. Rapid in their answering emails and phone calls, responsibility and cordiality are at the heart of the team’s service. Clients can make a simple and easy application to get their compensation through TravelAssistance in four remarkably easy steps. Firstly, clients have to get in touch with the firm, either by filling out an online form, describing the problem in an email, or chatting over the phone. From there, the legal team will then contact clients to let them know the extent of their claim and how much they could be owed. After that point on, the legal team is already handling the case and clients can get in touch at any time to find out more about what stage of the proceedings the legal firm are at. Finally, once the compensation has been retrieved, clients can enjoy the fruits of TravelAssistance’s hard labour within forty-eight hours. Ultimately, TravelAssistance are the only choice for deserved travel compensation for a multitude of reasons. With a totally-free service and no nasty hidden costs, a well-organised and powerful legal structure, and top-quality negotiation techniques, this firm’s work is invaluable in making sure that if every moment of the travel to holiday isn’t perfect, then customers can be justly compensated for it. When travelling abroad, everybody wants a stress-free experience. To breeze through security and get to the bit that really matters; the holiday. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen for everybody, and that’s where TravelAssistance comes in. Understanding that a number of issues can affect a holiday, discover how this Italian law firm are helping holidaymakers get the compensation they deserve if their holiday has been interrupted. Company: TravelAssistance Contact: Saverio Cicala & Vincenzo Del Gaiso Website: en.travelassistance.it/

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