Legal Awards 2022

4 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2022 Aug22612 Best Securities & Corporate Finance Law Practice - Lagos It pays to find a team that can cover your every need when looking for legal services. Wigwe & Partners has a passion for delivering service to clients that is truly second to none. The AI Legal Awards 2022 from Acquisition International recognized the team for their tremendous success. We dig a little deeper to find out more. hen we look at the team from Wigwe & Partners, we’re looking at a business that has grown over the years not only to cover a host of different legal areas but a wealth of geographic locations too. Thanks to their skill and expertise, the team has been able to work alongside many clients, meeting their most challenging cases with ease. As a mid-tier law firm, the Wigwe & Partners team is committed to offering their clients a unique service. Their North Star is contained in the team’s values, namely professionalism, integrity, innovation, and teamwork. No decision is made which undermines these core beliefs. Thanks to their established structure of support systems, paralegals, administrative staff, and modern IT systems, they can proudly claim to be capable of tackling any and everything that comes their way. Since opening its doors, the team has been able to involve itself in cases in many different areas. Some of these include Mergers & Acquisitions, Project Finance, Restructuring, Bankruptcy & Insolvency, commercial litigation, Dispute resolution, Intellectual Property, Taxation, Insurance, Securities & Capital Market Operations, Employee & Labour Matters, Property & Real Estate, Family Law & Administration of Estates, Media, Telecommunication & Technology, Energy & Natural Resources, Construction, and Entertainment. Over the years, Wigwe & Partners has thrived because it has always had an eye toward innovation. They don’t want to fall back on how things were done before, instead flourishing on the potential to produce unique solutions to complex problems. Every staff member, at every level, is essential to bringing this vision to life. Participation at all levels is as high as possible, with individuals allowed to own and lead projects. Thanks to the initiative encouraged, Wigwe & Partners boasts impressive career development within its walls. W This atmosphere has been essential to the team’s growth. The legal profession isn’t purely about the skills learned but the ability to apply various skills in a host of different ways. When you turn to Wigwe & Partners, you turn to a team that has a proven track record of applying detailed knowledge to complex transactions to make tough decisions. The degree of autonomy encouraged has involved creating suitable structures to balance supervision and independence, but the results speak for themselves. The legal profession is constantly evolving, and so legal practitioners of the highest quality are always exploring new ways to evolve too. The team at Wigwe & Partners has made it a point of pride to find ways of moving forward through particularly dynamic times. Far from just a provider of legal services, Wigwe & Partners are proud to act as a learning platform where people can explore the changes to the legal system. To this end, the introduction of the Wigwe & Partners’ Research and Content Development Unit, Mentorship Programs, and Continuing Legal Education have been immensely effective. Since opening their doors, the collaborative nature of Wigwe & Partners has allowed them to build numerous enduring relationships with organisations, public officials, and parastatals around the world. These relationships have empowered the team to undertake many different cases as they provide legal services in almost any discipline. The strength of the team, shown by their ability to involve themselves in almost any complex legal transaction, is why the team has become the option of choice for many. For this team, working with other firms is no challenge if that meets the needs of the clients best. In many ways, this client-centric approach reflects the incredible ambition of the Wigwe & Partners team. Everything about the business is designed to create an environment where the client’s