Leading Adviser Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2022 65 Dec22357 14 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2023 Dec22357 Leading the Way With offices in nine locations across the Sydney metropolitan area, from Bombala to Broken Hill, Sydney Criminal Lawyers’ representatives appear in courts throughout New South Wales and across Australia for Commonwealth cases. We find out more as the firm is bestowed with the title of Leading Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year 2022 – NSW. ith a proven track record of exceptional results, Sydney Criminal Lawyers® consistently achieves outcomes which are in the highest percentile of the Judicial Commission’s sentencing statistics for criminal cases. “Our entire firm is exclusively dedicated to criminal law – which makes us true specialists,” explains Ugur Nedim, the company’s Principal Lawyer. “All of our lawyers have years of experience representing clients in criminal cases, and our principal has been certified by the Law Society of NSW as an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist since 2005.” An ‘Accredited Specialist’ is a lawyer who has practised for at least five years in a particular field of law (such as criminal law), has passed a rigorous assessment process conducted by the Law Society of NSW, and has been selected by the Specialist Accreditation Committee of the Law Society as an expert in the field. Accredited Specialists are required to undertake more training each year than other lawyers and must be successful in having their accreditation renewed every year. Specialist Accreditation is the mark of a true specialist. The firm’s legal team devises effective case-strategies and fights hard to have cases dropped entirely or charges downgraded – saving clients the time, expense, and stress of a defended hearing or jury trial. Sydney Criminal Lawyers® has the best and most comprehensive client review record of any law firm in Australia, with regular communication, accessibility, and quality service are the team’s highest priorities. “We are committed to thoroughly explaining all steps involved in the criminal law process, providing regular updates throughout the proceedings, and making ourselves accessible and responsive,” Ugur elaborates. “We are passionate about providing an exceptional level of service to our clients, and we fight hard to achieve optimal results in the shortest period of time.” Priding itself on being open and transparent, Sydney Criminal Lawyers® likes it clients to know exactly how much their cases will cost from the very start. That’s why it was the first criminal law firm in Australia to publish ‘fixed fees’, back in 2004. Today, it offers fixed fees for most types of criminal cases and services. Unlike many other law firms, these fees are published on the website to ensure transparency and certainty. The company also offers a free initial consultation with one of its Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers for those who are going to court, as well as to those who have received an unsatisfactory result after being represented in court by another law firm, or after representing themselves, and wish to appeal. “We can also guarantee that only lawyers with substantial criminal defence experience will work on your case and appear for you W in court,” Ugur continues. “This ensures our clients receive the highest quality representation from an experienced, specialist criminal lawyer.” The entire team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers® is passionate about achieving results, and unlike many other law firms, its lawyers do not have monthly financial ‘budgets’ to meet. This absence of budgets means the lawyers are entirely focused on achieving optimal results in the shortest space of time; whether by getting charges dropped or downgraded at an early stage or having cases ‘thrown out of court’. It also means the team is not under pressure to engage in unscrupulous practices such as unnecessarily adjourning cases. “No budget encourages regular consultation between lawyers within the firm – promoting an ‘open door’, team environment where lawyers bounce ideas off one another, formulate case strategy together, and benefit from each other’s specialised experience, methods, techniques, and insights.” The result is a firm which delivers optimal outcomes in the shortest time periods, at the least expense and stress to its clients. Furthermore, clients benefit from the pool of knowledge that only an extensive team of experienced criminal defence lawyers can provide, and Ugur tells us that this team approach is particularly important when it comes to serious criminal cases such as murder, commercial drug cases, serious and sexual assaults, large-scale fraud, robbery, and other ‘indictable’ cases. “With lawyers regularly consulting one another to stay ‘ahead of the pack’ in the ever-changing field of criminal law – constantly devising, refining, and implementing specialised techniques, clients can rest assured that the best possible outcome is achieved,” he says. “In such matters, clients reap the benefits of several lawyers devising and executing case strategies which maximise the chances of having cases dropped or downgraded at an early stage, or ‘thrown out of court’ – often saving clients a great deal of cost, time, and anxiety.” For its attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and stellar track record, Sydney Criminal Lawyers® has received more awards and accolades than any other criminal law firm in Australia, most recently being named Leading Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year 2022 – NSW in the Leading Advisor Awards. Understandably delighted, Ugur enthuses, “The awards recognise our exceptional track record of results, our outstanding client service, the high level of satisfaction we achieve, the affordability of our services, and our overall excellence.” Contact: Ugur Nadim Company: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Web: www.sydneycriminallawyers.com.au