Leading Adviser Awards 2022

64 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2022 Oct22425 24 Issue 12 2022 Making Moves Run Smooth n 2013, following concern regarding the difficulty students were experiencing in obtaining visas to Australia, PAX Migration Australia was born! Based out of South Australia, it prepares visa applications on behalf of clients for visas (except protection visas) and visa appeals. PAX also seeks to assist local employers in South Australia to attract and retain the skilled migrant labour they require and to facilitate visas for people from across the globe to its state. PAX are proud South Australians and they take a particular interest in helping people to migrate to Australia. In addition, PAX assists small, medium and large businesses with sponsorships and migrants seeking visas of any kind – such as skilled, family, student, and business visas. In addition, PAX goes the extra mile to assist with appeals and complex submissions addressing health. The goal of the firm’s foundation is to help people, and the past nine years have been nothing but that. However, the last few years have come with fresh challenges, with immigration being particularly affected. Given the closure of borders and other restrictions, the physical connection and links with the rest of the world have essentially been put on hold – and have provided new challenges for the industry which relies on migration and open borders. But PAX adapted to suit the changing circumstances! With offshore applications essentially paused, PAX focused on continuing areas, such as Visa holders currently in Australia. There have been many opportunities to assist these visa holders in pursuing their migration goals, and PAX has also focused on areas where opportunities now exist. COVID-19 has taught people the value of migration to Australia, and PAX will be ready and waiting to take full advantage of opportunities that will arise in the future. This includes priority occupations Australia needs as it rebuilds its economy as it emerges from the situation created by the pandemic. Beyond these fronts, PAX has also continued to invest heavily in its technical training – to ensure it maintains a high-quality service offering – and has developed its website to attract new clients and better inform people of its services. PAX is in business because of its clients and its aim to surpass their expectations every time. Its clients are its reason for being, and it strives to work as hard as possible to achieve the results they are I Oct22425 after. Whilst others may give up at the first sign of a setback or roadblock in their migration journey, PAX savours challenge and works tirelessly to assist its clients in meeting their migration goals. The many positive reviews and testimonials that PAX has received are a testament to that. As 2022 comes to a close, and companies are looking towards 2023, PAX remains committed to supporting its clients through their immigration journeys and Australia’s resulting difficult period. With widespread skills shortages, PAX looks forward to expanding its service offering to include international recruitment. It will also continue to build its online presence with an increased commitment to providing premier quality services for its clients. Winning this award truly reflects PAX’s dedication and success – congratulations PAX Migration Australia. Contact: Constantine Paxinos Company: PAX Migration Australia Web Address: https://paxmigration.com.au/ Australia remains a great choice for immigration, but moving can be extremely challenging. Where other firms and agencies buckle under the pressure of providing what their clients need, PAX Migration Australia stands firm. PAX is the premier example of what an immigration firm should be, providing support for all needs across various clientele. This is precisely why it has won Leading Complex Corporate Migration & Visa Consultancy of the Year 2022 – Australia.