Leading Adviser Awards 2022

18 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2022 Oct22543 34 Issue 12 2022 Oct22543 A Guiding Light During a Crisis When the worst-case scenario happens, you need someone you can trust to lead the way to greener pastures. Someone you can rely on to offer aid and expert advice. Over the last decade, Serafim Sotiriadis & Associates Law Office has cultivated an incredible reputation in the competitive arena of bankruptcy and business restructuring. This year, the firm was recognized in the Leading Advisor Awards with the title of ‘Leading Bankruptcy & Business Restructuring Lawyer of the Year – Greece’ for its ongoing work. Here, we endeavour to find out more. his is a time of incredible uncertainty for businesses all over the world, with all evidence pointing to a challenging few years ahead. It’s a time where companies in all markets will be tested, and regardless of preparedness, no one can tell what the future holds. Through Serafim Sotiriadis & Associates Law Office’s expertise, businesses in all industries have undergone a successful restructuring that avoided a permanent closure, ensuring that the companies can continue on less encumbered by the pressures of debt. Clouding the issue is that businesses – of any size – have the potential to be incredibly complex. They are comprised of numerous moving parts and machinations that can quickly become overwhelming for an untrained eye to navigate. Managing Director Serafim Sotiriadis begins with explaining the field in which his team primarily work. “Our firm deals with financially distressed companies, whose issues are extremely complex when it comes to practice. A corporate lawyer needs to have a set of particular skills to face corporate issues. In our firm, the key element to our success is the combination of our legal expertise and in depth understanding of the economic environment alongside our experience in the Greek banking sector.” Ultimately, there are also few legal fields that are as high-pressure as insolvency, where thousands of livelihoods can potentially hang in the balance of one result, hinging crucially on success or failure. To operate T in such a space requires, as aforementioned, an expertise honed through experience, and an approach that combines a thoroughly client-centric perspective with transparency and a firm resolve. Serafim takes a moment to explain this outlook in more detail. “Our commercial lawyers are well-versed in handling bankruptcy and insolvency applications. We support our clients in every aspect of both contentious and non-contentious insolvencies, providing an integrated service that encompasses advice on everything from the obligations and liabilities of insolvent companies to debt restructuring, voluntary arrangements, bankruptcies, providing support from the first signs of trouble through to the completion of the insolvency, restructuring or bankruptcy process. “Our many successes, which include countless victories in courts across the region and the nation are a testament to the skill, experience, and commitment of our lawyers whose quality is evident in their credentials.” The team also fundamentally understand that no two businesses require the same approach, and each must be treated in a bespoke manner befitting its unique situation, as Serafim continues. “The firm’s key to maintaining its position at the forefront is its principles. The cornerstones of our business philosophy are consistency, thoroughness and personal engagement, underlying a commitment to offering our clients personalized and effective integrated solutions that are specific to their particular interests and requirements. This has allowed our team of lawyers, economists, accountants and consultants to achieve significant success, not only in the fields of company and commercial law, but also across our broader expertise in criminal and civil law.” In this way, the future of Serafim Sotiriadis & Associates Law Office is one defined by continuation – to continue to deliver the high quality of legal services it is known for and has built its reputation around. For now, the firm remains a worthy winner in the Leading Advisory Awards, as a truly leading firm in the insolvency space. Company: Serafim Sotiriadis & Associates Law Office Name: Serafim Sotiriadis Email: Sotiriadis.s@ssotiriadis.com Web Address: ssotiriadis.com Address: 10 Eleftheriou Venizelou str., 10671 Athens, Greece Telephone: +30210 3388822