Leading Adviser Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2022 17 Jul22584 Acquisition International - Issue 9 23 When complex legal issues need to be overcome, you should always turn to a team that can generate a creative solution. The team behind Hive Legal bring together years of expertise to surmount even the greatest of challenges. Having earned the title of Leading Tax Law Attorney of the Year 2022 – Spain in Acquisition International’s legal awards, we thought it time to take a closer look to uncover more. Jul22584 t’s hard to sleep easy when you’re in the heat of a legal battle. The legal system presents unique challenges with every case, and these challenges often depend on the best and brightest to ensure that justice is served appropriately. The multidisciplinary approach of the Hive Legal team means that they are able to give their clients the best chance of security in often-overwhelming situations. The team at Hive Legal have set themselves apart through their proactive attitude to the legal industry. The firm has made itself an indispensable part of many organisations because they not only offer exceptional legal advice, but are equally aware of how best to advise specific companies moving forward. Full integration with their clients is key to the success of Hive Legal because it allows them to know the priorities of their clients first-hand. As might be expected, this closeness has allowed the team to forge incredibly strong connections with many of their customers. The team at Hellotickets, for example, observe that “for us, Hive is part of the team. They create a very trusting relationship. We have never felt like a number among hundreds of customers. I don’t know how they find time, but they are always available.” Whilst the team at Hawkers have said “I can truly certificate that Hive has the most self-efficient professionals with a strong experience background being able to provide you the right path and final decision statement. I would call them friends not lawyers – the new way of doing business.” These testimonials are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to explaining what people want from their lawyers. It’s clear that the team at Hive Legal I Part Of The Team are offering something which many have never had before, namely an interest in what they have to say. By centring the legal discourse around the direction that clients wish to go, they have been able to offer a bold new path that puts their needs at the forefront in every way. Since opening their doors, the Hive Legal team have worked primarily in the fields of tax and accounting law and in the trade sector. Each brings unique difficulties which must be overcome, but the two overlap considerably. When exploring options, it’s easy to turn to overlook how atypical a situation might be and how that could lead to new challenges in the future. Being able to cover so many different areas through a multidisciplinary approach has been a boon and the team’s ability to draw on knowledge from other cases has put them at the forefront of what the market has to offer. The success of Hive Legal is a credit to the trust that the team generates in its clients. Those who work with the team know that the team understand their specific situation and will always been looking to improve that specific state of affairs. We celebrate the team’s enviable success and cannot wait to see how they secure future achievements in the legal industry! Company: HIVE LEGAL Name: ALVARO LOBATO Email: info@hivelegal.es Website: www.hivelegal.es Phone number: +34 91 077 01 79 Adress: Víctor Hugo 1 - 6º derecha, 28004 Madrid