Issue 9 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 9 2022 11 A True Insight Into Fashion Consumer Trends Behind the FashWire magic is a team of passionate individuals that Kimberly describes as ‘true assets’ to the business. They are creative, intelligent, and boast extensive backgrounds in the fashion industry. Furthermore, the FashWire team works exceptionally hard in order to drive the company towards its goals – they are as equally as passionate as Kimberly is about the future of the business. As such, FashWire thrives upon collaboration, which has contributed immensely to the company’s growth and success. Kimberly adds, ‘diversity, engagement, and inclusion are core to our company values. Not only are we focused on hiring diverse talent, but we also ensure they are treated with respect and support. The company is female founded with a 90% women-led team and 50% of the entire team are culturally diverse.’ The closeness of the team is an exceptional benefit, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. It enabled FashWire to be ahead of the curve prior to the initial outbreak, which meant that instead of suffering like many wholesale companies, the pandemic accelerated the platform’s growth. Indeed, adoption increased as FashWire is uniquely positioned to give brands a digital platform to showcase their collections and interact digitally with global consumers. Moreover, as consumer trends changed – more people took to the internet to shop – the company’s mobile apps fit that needed role for product curation by blending personalisation and human facilitation. In terms of consistent industry trends, Kimberly notes, ‘with personalisation becoming more and more relevant to understanding the consumer, it is becoming increasingly important to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. Our technology empowers consumers to give brands direct feedback on what they like, and also gives brands data based on consumer behavior. This information in turn allows the brands to tailor their products to the consumer’s needs and to personalise their offerings. And that’s just the beginning — we see a future where personalisation is going to become increasingly important for brands to differentiate and, with FashWire, they have a technology platform that they can rely on.’ The future is coming fast, yet FashWire’s position means that its path forward is clear. It endeavours to be the premier platform for an engaged, sustainable, and inclusive shopping experience between designers and consumers. It is with this in mind that the company is introducing a plethora of plans to the pipeline that will bolster both the company’s growth and its connections with consumers and partners. A key example of this is FashWire’s current work to localise its apps to support different languages. ‘Our success will be driven by staying true to our purpose and mission as we continue to leverage technology for even stronger brand-consumer connectivity. We launched into the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry with GlossWire in February 2021 and already disrupting the beauty space with over 225 brands and are currently building CasaWire, to bring home + décor brands to shoppers with the same compelling experience. CasaWire launches September 28th, 2022,’ concludes Kimberly. Contact: Kimberly Carney Company: FashWire Web Address: