Issue 9 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 9 2020 21 Jul20405 aving a law firm that isn’t stuffy or intimidating, and where clients can always feel understood and cared for should be something that every law firm strives for. That is exactly what Kim Simmonds did when founding Law 365, and has subsequently achieved that goal every single day since the firm was established. Clients can enter into a contract, knowing that the lawyers they meet with are entirely focused on helping them with every aspect of a deal, no matter how long or complex it is. It wasn’t easy to realise these goals but Kim achieved it with strong leadership and by focusing one particular area of law and delivering exceptional service. As a result, Law 365 is the only law firm in the world to cater exclusively to the day to day needs of Microsoft Partners. It is about as unique as it can get, and it becomes incredibly appealing to clients because from Day 1 Law 365 already knows everything about their business. The firm understands their ambitions and pain points alike, and can therefore jump straight into action as and when required. Essentially, Law 365 works tirelessly to give its clients the gift of time: Time to do what they do best – whether that be running the business or bringing in new deals, they can focus on that after handing off their legal worries to Kim and the team at Law 365. Often, a business owner or CEO can spend hours poring over contracts that they are not confident that they understand, which can cause them a great deal of anxiety. When Kim and her team step in, everything can be put in order and made easy to understand. Law 365 also helps Microsoft Partners in their day to day needs in other ways. For instance, Law 365 can help strategize the client’s business, thinking always about cash in the business, how to streamline contractual processes, and maximising annual recurring revenue streams. Kim has created a firm that always goes beyond the ordinary lawyer’s role. Once a client’s business is in order, it becomes infinitely more attractive to buyers, so Law 365 also helps bring value to companies that are preparing for acquisition. Though the client must come first, Kim also places a great amount of emphasis on the welfare of her staff. Kim is a leader who has great empathy, as well as closeness to her team, so she understands the stresses and strains that each individual has at one time or another in their life. As such, Kim has made that sure that Law 365 has an executive coach, to help nurture each member of staff and the wider team. Kim believes that her staff should make the best and happiest decisions, and facilitating that is yet another feather in her already well-decorated cap. H Providing Microsoft Partners with the solutions that they need to thrive and grow, Law 365 is a law firm quite unlike any other. Founded by CEO Kim Simmonds, Law 365 is a place where lawyers are happy to go and work, and don’t feel like they have to watch the clock and bill every six minutes. And it’s a place where her clients – all Microsoft Partners -- feel understood and can flourish. This is why Kim Simmonds has been recognised as the Most Influential Woman in Technology Law 2020 – Kent. We take a closer look at what makes this firm such a tremendous place to work, and the superb services it offers. Leading Legal Firm for Microsoft Partners Takes Top Spot In Tech Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that Law 365 is always there for its clients, knowing that Microsoft Partners are ambitious and growing, and often in need of an experienced legal team to help them win and close deals quickly. The edge that Kim and her team provide lies in fundamentally understanding how Microsoft Partner businesses work and the technology and language they use. Law 365’s advantage is their deep knowledge of all matters relating to Microsoft Partners and many years of legal experience to help them succeed. Company: Law 365 Contact: Kim Simmonds, CEO & Founder Website: