Issue 9 2020

22 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2020 the Turbo Acupuncture™ Navigation system, which leads like a GPS from the location of pain, step by step, to the one point on the body which will most likely eliminate the pain instantly. Having refined the technique over many years, there is simply no-one better to teach and educate the world on how best to make use of Turbo Acupuncture™. Dr Tan’s Turbo Acupuncture™ Certification Masterclass has been awarded the title of Acupuncture Seminar of the Year 2019 & 2020, with medical, naturopathic, and advanced acupuncturists with decades of experience alike amongst his students. Encouraging everyone to experience the simplicity, beauty, and power of Turbo Acupuncture™, Dr Tan has shared his knowledge all over the world as an international speaker, trainer and best-selling author. His expertise has been valued at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the United Nations’ headquarters, a United States’ military hospital, and by audiences of more than 1,200 people. As a council member of the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative® and the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers®, Dr Tan has the credentials to ensure anyone that his method of pain elimination is truly spectacular. Dr Tan is also an exceptionally gifted, passionate, and enthusiastic teacher who instructs doctors and other health professionals around the world in just one weekend, how to eliminate pain instantly with just one needle. As a native German of Chinese origin who has been trained in conventional Western medicine and dentistry as well as in traditional Chinese medicine, there are few better people in the whole world who understand pain elimination like Dr Tan. Nor indeed, is there anyone better to teach how to integrate the intelligent power and elegance of Chinese medicine into the setting of mainstream Western medicine. Company: Turbo Akupunktur™-Akademie Dr. Tan Contact: Website: Most Influential Instant Pain Elimination Expert Nobody enjoys suffering with excruciating pain, especially the likes of which can leave individuals bed-ridden and unable to live life the way they want to. Different medical opinions and techniques may do something to alleviate the pain for a short period, but the desire for instant pain elimination is something that one man has dedicated his life to specialising in. Join us as we examine why Dr Thay Joe Tan has been named the Most Influential Pain Elimination Expert – 2020 . r Thay Joe Tan, as well as having an MD, PhD, and DMD, is a multiple international award-winning acupuncture expert on instant pain elimination. He is the founder of Turbo Acupuncture™ for instantaneous relief from a myriad of different types of pain, and is also the founder and director of Akupunktur im Zentrum , one of Europe’s largest physician-led practices for acupuncture. Based in Stuttgart, Germany, the practice has previously been awarded the title of Pain Elimination and Global Doctor Training Centre of the Year 2019 & 2020 , and continues to benefit from the innovation, sagacity, and impeccable leadership courtesy of Dr Tan. Before starting his own private practice, Dr Tan had previously worked in a number of different medical roles, primarily in Germany. As well as holding a senior resident position, Dr Tan had also served temporarily as Deputy of the Medical Director of the first German hospital for traditional Chinese medicine, a University Hospital at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in Bad Kötzting, Germany. Dr Tan is actually the first doctor outside of China to be granted the prestigious Inherited Master Fellowship of Qi Lu School of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Complex Diseases, one of only sixty four acknowledged inherited schools of TCM in China. Having dedicated his life to the advancement of medicine and the ability to instantaneously eliminate pain, Dr Tan is at the forefront of the industry and is considered to be the leading authority for instant pain elimination. With such an extensive breadth of knowledge in the arena, he is often consulted as the key opinion leader in pain therapy. His doctoral superpower is that of being able to swiftly eradicate pain by using only one acupuncture point; an ability for which he has received multiple international awards over the past few years. These various awards include Acupuncture Specialist of the Year 2018, Instant Pain Elimination Expert of the Year 2019, Acupuncture Expert of the Year 2019 and Acupuncturist of the Year 2019 . Another oneof Dr Tan’s countless accolades includes being recognised as the Most Influential Pain Expert 2020 . The reason he was awarded this extraordinary titles is because of his massive influence he had in a patient’s life by them from their year, and sometimes decades, long suffering by eliminating their pain almost instantly. In addition to this, he was also able to have a significant impact on the lives of doctors by catapulting their therapeutic competence into a totally new dimension within just a single weekend. As well as being one of the world’s foremost authorities on pain elimination, Dr Tan is also one of the world’s best innovators for new technologies. He is the pioneer and creator of the T.A.N., or D