Issue 8 2023

Aug22499 32 | Acquisition International, Issue 8 2023 May23109 Best Tax Credit Company Marketing Leader 2023 (Alabama): Vanessa Tyndall S businesses can benefit from an array of advantages in areas like research and development, renewable energy, hiring, and employee retention. For example, the R&D tax credit can be worth an astonishing $250,000 a year, incentivizing innovation and technological development. But the process of navigating these credits, incentives, and deductions can be complicated. Without expert guidance, opportunities to reduce the tax burden and increase profitability can be lost. This is where OnCentive, a leading partner in securing lucrative incentives and tax credits, comes into play. As a trusted profitability partner, OnCentive specializes in handling all the legwork and paperwork, allowing clients to focus on growing their businesses. Unlike firms that merely dabble in tax credits, OnCentive’s primary focus is on ensuring clients only apply for incentives for which they qualify, making the company a real expert in the field. More than just a tax credit service provider, OnCentive has emerged as a lifeline for businesses across industries. Vanessa Tyndall, the Executive Vice President of Marketing at OnCentive, has been instrumental in this success, sharing insights into the company’s journey and her inspiring career path. Under Vanessa’s leadership, the company has developed strategies that resonate with OnCentive’s diverse clientele. Her dedication to understanding consumer behavior and industry-specific needs is evident from her seven years in the tax credit industry and over 13 years in the world of sales and marketing. Moreover, OnCentive champions gender equality and offers opportunities for women to succeed in the business landscape. Vanessa’s greatest achievement lies in nurturing her team, guiding them from potential to professional success. Her wisdom, acquired from on-the-ground experiences, shapes her advice to others: build a strong network, be confident, and stay adaptable. Encouraging skill development, continuous professional development, and empowering others extends not only within OnCentive but across the industry. 2023 is set to be an exciting year for OnCentive, particularly with the launch of HR Logics. This innovative platform is geared towards streamlining human resources compliance and guiding employers through compliance management across the employee lifecycle. It represents OnCentive’s commitment to innovation, integration, and an exceptional business approach. Vanessa’s personal goals reflect the same commitment to growth and development. Engaging in executive programs, intensifying mentoring efforts, and sharing knowledge across the industry, her multi-dimensional approach is geared towards personal growth and contributing to the development of future industry leaders. Contact: Vanessa Tyndall Company: OnCentive Web Address: Claiming available tax credits is a vital strategy for businesses looking to enhance their profitability. These credits provide valuable opportunities to offset tax liabilities and reduce operating costs, allowing companies to free up essential financial resources. In a highly competitive landscape, these financial incentives not only provide businesses a chance to invest more in core operations, innovation, and expansion but also ensure growth, productivity, and long-term success. Following Executive Vice President of Marketing, Vanessa Tyndall’s success within the Influential Businesswomen Awards 2023, we discover how her outstanding leadership has got the company to where it is today. U