Issue 8 2023

Issue 8 2023, Acquisition International | 31 IP Expertise You Can Trust espite being based in France, Cassiopi has built a robust reputation around the world, with clients across the country, alongside China, the United States, and Switzerland predominantly. Here, the team have capitalised on their collective expertise within the IP space, alongside a notably client-centric approach that prioritises transparency, innovation, and thoughtfulness. Marc talks about the importance of these values in the firm’s ongoing efforts to thrive and flourish. “Cassiopi was founded, in 2015, upon these cornerstone values which have not changed since. Since then, Cassiopi has certainly, proportionate to its size, proven itself to be the most impactful IP law firm in France in terms of digital transformation of this particular segment of legal firms. In terms of positioning, Cassiopi has adopted an open approach to the digital applications it develops, whereby those solutions are provided to Cassiopi’s direct competitors for the greater good of the IP law community and regardless of the drawbacks of boosting its competitor’s digital offering. Basically, rather than settling for the acquisition of a competitive advantage, Cassiopi has decided to bolster the strength of the entire community for the benefit of IP right owners as a whole.” A rising tide, as they say, raises all ships, and Cassiopi doesn’t see the betterment of the entire community as a negative to the way it operates. Its strength, ultimately, remains unencumbered by sharing its digital applications, such is the potency of its services. There can be no doubting that Cassiopi has developed some of the most advanced software solutions for IP law firms and right owners equally, with a mindset towards ongoing innovation that is cultivated from the leadership team down. “The management of Cassiopi has always followed the image that Cassiopi was to become a launchpad for innovative projects led by its employees,” Marc continues. “In the past six years, Cassiopi has launched two spin-offs: Arkyan and Renewr, which have both found their market space for tech in the IP law industry with very specific business models that originated within Cassiopi. This style of “intrapreneurship” allows for the safe development and testing of applications to be sure success is met at launch of the company. To reach such an objective, it is key that employees have the proper level of trust and self-confidence to know they are encouraged to take initiatives and propose new ideas to make their work more productive or more qualitative.” All in all, clients can be confident that the firm knows what its talking about, and knows how to operate in this highly competitive space – because it does it too! More than that, Cassiopi aims to aid any enterprise that works within IP. With a future defined by exponentially developing technologies, most notably within the AI sphere, Cassiopi has swiftly learned it needs to stay proactive and eager to incorporate any new developments that will bolster its current slate of services. Nonetheless, it is clear that the firm is ready and waiting for any new technologies on the horizon, as Marc concludes in his closing comments. “AI generators and work process automation will be the defining technologies in the next 3-5 years and Cassiopi intends to be an active part of these technologies. Two separate focus groups have been formed internally with the objective of launching two new companies around these technologies for the benefit of other IP law firms and their clients.” Company Name: Cassiopi Contact Name: Marc Cornuéjols, Partner Address: 230 Avenue de l’Aube Rouge 34170 Castelnau-le-Lez FRANCE Socials: Web Address: Contact Email Telephone Number: +33 434 225 930 A French and European family-owned IP law firm, Cassiopi has become a standout element on the greater legal landscape through a tested ability to balance numerous areas of expertise with practised ease. However, the firm was recognised for its IP-based services in the Global Excellence Awards with the title of France’s Most Innovative Industrial Property Law Firm for 2023. We spoke with Partner, Marc Cornuéjols for more insight into the team’s operations. D Jun23224