Issue 8 2023

Aug22499 16 | Acquisition International, Issue 8 2023 Jun23352 Most Spiritual Holistic Arts Education Managing Director 2023 (Bay of Plenty): Natalie Currie orking with professionals such as counsellors, psychologists, doctors, social workers, diversional therapists, childcare workers, and more, the College of Holistic Arts is a private practice set up to help practitioners enhance their skills for the workplace. Its mission is to empower these individuals in their fields by enabling them to help people transfer pain and trauma and learn how to self-regulate. To do this, the college offers a variety of Holistic Wellness and Creative Arts Therapy courses, covering topics such as therapeutic creative arts, the mind-body connection, practical neuroscience, and psychology. The College of Holistic Arts is a growing community with a culture of love, freedom, and connection. With creative tools that support health and wellness, its practitioners are facilitating holistic arts projects, workshops, and courses that empower, uplift, and give hope to humanity. Having owned and ran her own recruitment firm for 20 years, Natalie Curie was inspired to create the College of Holistic Arts in 2020. She came into some money when her grandmother sadly passed away and was able to set up the company. Natalie believes that running the college has been a lot more challenging than the task of managing a recruitment company. She explains, “I have had to heal myself fully to be able to now stand up and be this leader of change, moving people into their heart space and releasing their pain by turning it into gain.” In the field of holistic education, Natalie has faced a number of challenges, but has worked hard to build her strength to overcome them. “I have been knocked around a bit on social media and challenged in my views,” she shares. “It was mainly men attacking my judgement and the odd woman feeling threatened by my work, having paid lots of money through the government system to achieve their qualifications in Arts therapy. I have had to become thick-skinned, understand myself deeply, and not be bothered by others’ judgements.” Looking back on her time in the recruitment industry, Natalie reflects on her experiences as a woman in the past. “As a recruiter in New Zealand, we had many women in leadership roles. The recruitment industry has always had women and we competed evenly against men,” she says. “However, a man did say to me that my success was because of my looks. I guess he did not want to accept that I was as good as he was.” Now, living in a smaller town, Natalie has noticed that not many women feel confident in setting up their own business. She comments, “Through my business, I intend to give them confidence to back their own dreams. I know how capable women are because I have worked with so many in the recruitment and nursing industries.” Since the establishment of the College of Holistic Arts, Natalie has done some amazing work to help people by fostering their mind-body awareness and creative self-expression. “I have achieved massive healings. Trauma is being released in the students to a phenomenal level, just from being around my energy,” she explains. “Heavy childhood wounds are being expressed out of the emotional body, filling them with more hope and love. This is my work. My big heart is transforming others, giving them the strength to go on and face the pain with art, dance, role play, sound, colour, and more.” As a result of the inspiring work she does through the College of Holistic Arts, Natalie Curie has been awarded Most Spiritual Holistic Arts Education Managing Director in the Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023. In the coming months and years, Natalie hopes to bring her work further into the surrounding communities, creating more spaces in which people can experience, heal, and participate in arts. The college will be hosting wellness retreats, presentations on self-healing qigong, and art therapy training, commencing 14th July this year. From August, further workshops will also be available. We congratulate Natalie on her success in the Influential Businesswoman Awards and look forward to seeing what she goes on to accomplish. There are many plans in the pipeline for the College of Holistic Arts so certainly watch this space! Contact: Natalie Currie Company: College of Holistic Arts Web Address: Based in New Zealand, the College of Holistic Arts is a holistic college providing evidence-based, heart-centred conscious learning to produce graduates who go on to become emerging holistic practitioners. The college was created by sole Managing Director Natalie Curie, who strives to support the awakening of creativity and human potential through holistic arts and education. We speak to her here about her career and the establishment of her business. W