Issue 8 2023

Issue 8 2023, Acquisition International | 15 Making Spaces as Clear as Ice CE Cleaning is a cleaning company that has its clients at the heart of everything it does. It partners alongside both individuals and businesses alike, ranging from landlords seeking out efficient mould removal services, to premier league football clubs wanting to get their venues back up to snuff. Despite its young age, ICE Cleaning has managed to cultivate an unparalleled professionalism within the field, which has ultimately led to its fantastic, nationwide reputation. Since its inception, ICE Cleaning has been dedicating itself to exceeding client expectations. It’s renowned for its long list of cleaning services, meaning that, if you can think of it, there’s no doubt that ICE Cleaning will be able to clean it with an intrinsic adeptness that’s utterly uncontested. From chemical spill clean-up, crime scene cleaning, and flood damage restoration, to more complex matters, such as mercury vapour testing, the team proves that there truly is no limit to ICE Cleaning’s capabilities. And, with 24/7, 365 agents on-hand to respond to any manner of cleaning emergency, ICE Cleaning has made its commitment to accessibility incredibly clear. Clients aren’t just a source of revenue for this cleaning company – their wellbeing is ICE Cleaning’s priority, and it’ll do whatever it takes to guarantee satisfaction. Its post-cleaning assistance represents this perfectly – if a client, for any reason, isn’t satisfied, it’ll apply each of its resources to rectify this and deliver results that’re nothing short of exemplary. ICE Cleaning is undoubtedly dedicated to cleaning spaces to the best of its ability, and it goes out of its way to ensure that its staff are trained for every possibility. Its internal training program is simply inspired – it’s what allows ICE Cleaning to consistently guarantee quality through its plethora of highly professional cleaning technicians. This, partnered with its constant awareness of shifts within health and safety regulations, equips it with the tools to carry out each cleaning service as expertly as possible. In addition to the astounding professionalism on display, ICE Cleaning’s track record also serves to exemplify the brilliance of this cleaning company. It holds connections with some of the world’s most reputable and recognisable brands – from Cartier to Nando’s – and has frequently had the chance to prove that it’s a company worth investing in. There’s no other way to detail just how dedicated this collective is to delivering the nation’s most uncontested cleaning services. Whenever new cleaning technologies emerge, ICE Cleaning will be among the first to master it, and if processes change, it wastes no time in adapting. ICE Cleaning is a reputable cleaning company, and it’s incredibly clear to see why. Whether it’s through its impressive repertoire of highly satisfied customers, or its carefully crafted internal structure, ICE Cleaning applies brilliance in everything it does. No job is too big or too small, resulting in a company that’s willing to do whatever it takes to secure safety and cleanliness throughout a range of venues. Every client is treated equally, so customers can be assured that they’ll be receiving five-star service, regardless of the size of their request. The future is certainly bright for ICE Cleaning. Having garnered such an immense amount of success in such a short amount of time, it’s impossible to deny that there’s an intrinsic prowess within the company that’s constantly propelling it forward. Despite its mastery of the field, there are still new objectives to tackle, and ICE Cleaning is at the forefront of adding every new adaptation to its arsenal of talent. We’re proud to present ICE Cleaning with the title of Best Specialist Cleaning Company 2023 – UK, and we can’t wait to see how it continues to provide the UK with star-studded cleaning services in the years to come. Contact: Sophie Rioch Company: ICE Cleaning Web Address: Since 2019, ICE Cleaning has been providing comprehensive cleaning services throughout a wide range of sectors. Be it industrial, commercial, or domestic spaces, it’s able to deliver more than 40 service lines, all whilst adhering to the utmost quality. Join us as we delve into what ICE Cleaning stands for, and how its passion and dedication has earned it the title of Best Specialist Cleaning Company 2023 - UK. I Jun23240