Issue 7 2022

16 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2022 May22705 Finance For All Our financial systems aren’t working. People struggle to survive thanks to the overwhelming use of payday loans and overdraft fees. The team at DailyPay thinks it’s time for something different – something that works for everyone. In Acquisition International’s rolling series of Global Excellence Awards, DailyPay was named 2022’s Leading OnDemand Finance Solutions Company – USA. We dig into what they did to secure such an impressive title. n the modern world, the way in which we’re paid is increasingly antiquated. Instead of providing a lump sum at the end of the month, DailyPay has built a technology platform that empowers users to take control of their finances. Instead of waiting for payment, you can access your pay to meet unexpected expenses, pay bills on time and save money before payday. DailyPay makes your money work for you. This voluntary benefit allows employees to control the timing of when they receive their earned and unpaid income. Used by leading companies such as Kroger, Houston Methodist and Captain D’s, DailyPay has been proven to give employees much-needed financial freedom before their scheduled payday. Through direct integration with employer payroll, time and attendance, accounting and other systems, the team is able to verify employment and wages earned for employees using timely employer information. It’s a revolution, changing the way in which we see the world. At the heart of this revolutionary way of thinking is a team of innovators, bold thinkers and agile movers. They know that the world has been shifting for the last few decades and the pandemic has only reinforced and accelerated that change. At the heart of how DailyPay operates is a determination to see respect going both ways in the workplace. When people work their hours, they deserve access to their pay when I they want it. Times have moved on, technology has grown and many more things are possible. In 2022, the team is going to create the DailyPay marketplace, opening up the doors to banks, FinTechs and all types of financial service providers to participate in the on-demand pay movement. Those who wish to work with the DailyPay team will gain access to DailyPay’s proprietary on-demand pay capabilities at the intersection of payroll and banking. These partners will not only gain access to the entire suite of DailyPay capabilities but will be able to do so either in their own environment or by becoming part of the DailyPay ecosystem. Flexibility to adapt to individual needs lies at the heart of how DailyPay operates. For many people, the biggest issue is that of capital. They do not have the money they need when they need it most. DailyPay gives more control to individuals so that they have the freedom tomake the decisions that give them freedom. For too long, payday loans and overdraft fees have been a plague on underserved communities. DailyPay offers an alternative, a way of innovation that allows people to flourish. We celebrate the team’s enormous achievement and look forward to seeing the incredible impact they are going to have for years to come Company: DailyPay Web Address: Address: 55 Water Street, New York, New York 10041