Issue 6 2023

8 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2023 Apr23498 NOI Generating Connectivity Infrastructure Made Easy Acting as a go-to solution for any connectivity infrastructure needs, OpticWise has rapidly become an essential part of any residential or office-based building’s network presence. It assists a whole range of clients in promising stable connections that are able to manage an increased workload, all whilst ensuring the utmost safety and privacy throughout. We explore how OpticWise came to earn its Best Wi-Fi Connectivity Solutions Specialist 2023 – USA award title through its undeniable prowess and expertise. ith a large client base consisting of office and apartment buildings filled to the brim with a vast amount of users, OpticWise has dedicated itself towards providing tenants and clients alike with the most secure network infrastructure available. As a multi-award-winning business with a plethora of experience, OpticWise has mastered what it means to present its clients with the best of the best. It recognises the frustration that can originate from deploying a network that’s simply incapable of handling the high volume of demand within a more bustling building, and has worked tirelessly to offer solutions that’re geared towards completely eliminating these issues. Both clients and tenants are at the forefront of its practises, and it has consistently adapted itself in order to develop unique solutions that’re carefully tailored to meet each requirement. In addition, OpticWise handles any tenant support needs, taking the pressure off of the owners (clients) altogether to guarantee a more seamless connectivity infrastructure. Its accessibility and dedication towards offering full-time support is what truly sets it apart from other companies within the same industry, and clients and tenants alike will be able to feel the difference in an instant. Especially considering the increased amount of tenants who are now working from home following the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than W ever, there has never been a higher demand for reliable connectivity infrastructure. Your network needs to be stable, secure, and should highly value your privacy above all else. OpticWise is acutely aware of how valuable a solid, secure system is to any individual operating from their apartment or office, and therefore devotes itself towards ensuring an overwhelming efficiency and security throughout its services. OpticWise takes pride in truly spoiling its customers, and does so through its patented 5S® user experience. It guarantees protection against datamining, and combines seamless mobility, security, speed, stability, and service in order to deliver the best possible service available in the market. And, thanks to its forward-thinking initiative, OpticWise is able to outfit any building with a sound digital infrastructure that creates income, and places it as one of the most imperative factors when assisting its clients. In recent years, network connectivity has never been more essential. Thankfully, OpticWise is seeking to set an industry standard that’s bound to benefit everyone, not just its clients. Its prowess in managed Wi-Fi and proptech infrastructure equips OpticWise with all of the tools to make the differences that the future requires. And with such a passion for making people’s lives far easier, there’s nothing stopping OpticWise from maximising connectivity infrastructure in every imaginable aspect. Contact: Bill Douglas Company: OpticWise, Inc. Web: Best Wi-Fi Connectivity Solutions Specialist 2023 - USA