Issue 6 2023

Acquisition International - Issue 6 2023 7 Striving to minimise the carbon footprint of the construction industry, Kalpavruksham Green Consultants provides sustainable solutions for green infrastructure development and environmental management services. Here, we take a look at the work the firm does and discuss its success in the AI Global Excellence Awards 2023, having been named Best Green Building Design Specialists. Apr23098 n recent years, climate change has emerged as one of the most devastating environmental threats, causing great concern to humanity. As many people and businesses across the globe take action to minimise their carbon footprint, opting for ecofriendly and energy efficient infrastructure is a crucial step towards a more sustainable world. Green design and infrastructure firms like Kalpavruksham play an important role in facilitating this, assisting firms who are looking to implement eco-friendly initiatives. Working with corporations, municipalities, and government agencies, Kalpavruksham strives to positively alter the infrastructural landscape. The firm specialises in green building design, architecture, green building certifications, environmental clearance, MEP, infrastructure consultancy, building contract works, and glazing works. Building energy modelling is a multi-purpose tool for building energy efficiency, predicting the energy consumption, CO2 emissions, peak demands, energy cost, and renewable energy production of individual properties. Kalpavruksham combines architecture with building energy modelling to design energy efficient, eco-friendly passive structures, which are comfortable, affordable, and ultra-low energy, requiring little power for space heating or cooling. I Comprehensive Green Consultancy Services Serving clients who are working to prioritise sustainability, Kalpavruksham focuses on integrating nature-based solutions into all its projects. By implementing the latest technologies within existing and new buildings, the company reduces energy and resource consumption during the construction and post-occupancy stages, minimising the carbon footprints of buildings. Dedicated to its clients, Kalpavruksham strives to understand the unique needs of those it serves and provide them with tailored solutions. The properties it designs are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also economically and socially beneficial to the client. This, along with its extensive expertise in the industry, makes the firm stand out from its competitors. The staff at Kalpavruksham are critical to its success. In the hiring process, the firm seeks individuals who are passionate about sustainability and experts in their fields. It also looks for people who demonstrate creativity and strong problem-solving and communication skills. The firm’s internal culture of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity also facilitates the development of new ideas and solutions, enabling it to better serve its clients. Since its establishment, Kalpavruksham has faced a number of challenges. Firstly, as a green company, it has worked hard to balance economic growth with environmental conservation. As well as this, the Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges over the last few years, such as supply chain and project timeline disruption. However, the pandemic did effectively highlight the importance of sustainable solutions. It also presented opportunities for Kalpavruksham to work with clients to develop resilient and sustainable systems. The pandemic also caused a shift towards remote operations, leading to an increase in remote project management. This enabled the firm to expand its client base beyond its local area. As a result of its dedication to sustainability and the work it does to create positive change for the environment, Kalpavruksham has been awarded Best Green Building Design Specialists in the AI Global Excellence Awards 2023. In the coming years, the firm plans to continue expanding its services and expertise in sustainable solutions and to invest in research and development to address emerging challenges. It is dedicated to maintaining its position at the forefront of its industry. Contact: Supritha Ammireddy Company: Kalpavruksham Green Consultants Web Address: -