Issue 6 2022

40 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2022 LUXE Technologies Inc is leading the way when it comes to leveraging the latest developments that technology has brough about. Their commitment is to finding a unique perspective that tells their clients’ unique stories. In Acquisition International’s rolling series of Global Excellence Awards, the team was named Most Innovative Luxury Marketing & Technology Solutions Firm 2022 – USA. We dig a little deeper to discover precisely how the firm has achieved this incredible success. Apr22331 ince 2018, the team at LUXE Technologies have pushing the boundaries of what PR can do for businesses. Through the use of innovative ideas, namely a bespoke mix of press and promotions, the team’s clients have been able to get their concepts in front of the right audiences precisely when they have wanted to. The role of technology is essential to the way in which LUXE Technologies operates, opening doors that simply hadn’t been built in years gone by. The attitude of the firm is one which is conceptually transformative, with the aim being to change the way in which people live their lives. Working closely alongside clients, the LUXE Technologies team have been able to produce some truly breathtaking work that has garnered not only industry-wide praise, but has generated incredible results for clients. Technological innovation is woven into the fabric of LUXE Technologies, ensuring that every decision that is made has the potential of what could be done at the heart of every decision. Many businesses split this important facet apart from the rest of their operations, but for LUXE Technologies, it has proven to be the key to ensuring an agility that has served the team well. Many businesses have been able to benefit from the expert advice the team currently produces, allowing them to implement similarly lean and responsive structures that allow them to thrive in the digital age. It’s clear that technology has pushed the team forward, empowering them to innovate, but the reason behind their innovation is the close connection they create between clients. No marketing strategy is universal, and LUXE Technologies has long committed itself to crafting custom solutions that satisfy the various needs of their clients. The team’s sophisticated solutions are crucial to breaking through the challenges of the media landscape and elevating the success of businesses around the world. Since opening their doors, the LUXE Technologies team have served clients across a range of different markets, including the beauty market, the fashion market and the luxury market. Each has unique demands, and requires detailed knowledge of the sector. This expertise underpins every proposal put forward by the team, meaning that their innovations are extensions of what has gone before. Valued connections in each of these industries ensure that no time is wasted when it comes to creating. Good marketing optimises a message, and few understand the value of optimisation in the same way as the team from LUXE Technologies. Their focus is on finding the unique voice of a client and enhancing it through various technological solutions. In the digital marketplace, there are few more capable of pushing forward into a bold new world. We celebrate the team’s incredible success in this field and cannot wait to see what is being planned for the next few years of their development. S Brave New Worlds Company: LUXE Technologies Name: Jacqueline Hudson Email: Technological innovation is woven into the fabric of LUXE Technologies, ensuring that every decision that is made has the potential of what could be done at the heart of every decision.