Issue 6 2022

38 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2022 May22028 Food For Thought o two markets have the same requirements, and no team understands this better than the team behind SIRIO Europe. With their internationally renowned R&D solutions, it’s little wonder that this firm has been able to gain an incredible reputation for excellence, providing much needed formulations to small, mediumsized and big nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies. Focusing on the production of softgels, SIRIO Europe has played a major role in supporting both nutraceutical and pharma customers. The team works around the globe, manufacturing products that are delivered into more than 50 countries globally. With market insights in Europe, USA and China and preliminary R&D centers in Europe and China, their unique perspective has been invaluable to many. With such a complex network, the logistical challenges facing the SIRIO Europe team are immense, but the team have proven over the years that they are more than capable of tackling any difficulties. Not content with manufacturing new products, the team also operate as development partners too. This position as development partners means that the SIRIO Europe teamwork directlywith customers to uncover their specific requirements. From this, the team go above and beyond, creating new formulations and combinations that deliver truly superb results. These products are created not simply to match a specification, but to serve the needs of customers as best as possible. This innovative way of working is matched only by the remarkable quality standards maintained by the team and the sophistication of their amazing technology. During the height of the pandemic, supply proved difficult for the SIRIO Europe team. Indeed, to this day, lockdowns and other crises have had a lasting impact on the way in which the business operates. That said, the quick thinking of the team at the outset of the crisis secured the supply chain before any major problems were encountered. Perhaps the greatest change seen over the last couple of years has been the major acceleration of consumer trends that had already begun to emerge, with wellness and proactive health among consumers a clear and lasting legacy. The growth of the whole nutraceutical industry as a result of this shift, particularly when it comes to product classes and combinations where health benefits can be easily proven. The clinical success and massive range of the team’s products has positioned SIRIO Europe excellently in this regard. Achieving this impressive progress would not have been possible if it had not been for the team that pushes the company forward. The recent innovations and new products launches, each sharing the same ethos of quality, are a credit to the team’s hard work and N For the last 25 years, the team at SIRIO Europe have grown successful thanks to a philosophy of innovation. With a focus on the world of global health and wellness, they have pushed the boundaries when it comes to nutraceutical and pharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations. In Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards, the firm was named Most Innovative Nutraceutical Products Developer – 2022. We take a closer look at the firm to find out more. commitment to excellence. The business is built on a philosophy of continuous improvement and, of course, taking great pride in the work undertaken on behalf of customers. With interest growing in this fascinating field, it’s little wonder that companies such as SIRIO Europe have garnered a great deal of interest. Their long history in the sector, combined with an attitude that pushes forwards at all times, has put them in the ideal position to thrive. With wellness a concern for people around the world, it’s companies such as SIRIO Europe that are in the right place to flourish. This position as development partners means that the SIRIO Europe team work directly with customers to uncover their specific requirements. Company: SIRIO Europe Name: Yuxin Tu Email: