Issue 6 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 6 2022 37 As one of Denmark’s most esteemed executive search and business development consultancies, Kjelst Executive Search A/S regularly gets to work with internationally successful clients – including Carlsberg and Lego. Unlike most in the industry, the company focuses on the long-term, factoring in the future of the employee and the company that it is recruiting for. Henceforth, Kjelst Executive Search A/S hopes to continue along this path. Apr22629 jelst Executive Search A/S is a leading consulting firm located in Denmark. Differentiating itself from its competitors, the firm supplies dynamic recruitment solutions that help its clients find compatible recruits. Indeed, the company is on a mission to help companies discover the right people, find the right type of investors, and, ultimately, create better organisations through cultivating personal and professional development. The company’s approach to recruitment is centric to the employee life cycle – meaning that it takes into consideration the employee’s life and development in the company over time. Typically spanning across six stages, the employee life cycle is a framework that can successfully aid recruiters and employers in their hiring journey as it offers a foundation upon which long-term value can be built. Moreover, Kjelst Executive Search A/S works in collaboration with each of its clients in order to establish a deep understanding of the client’s needs, the position they are recruiting for, and what they would like in a candidate. Consequently, Kjelst Executive Search A/S has garnered a reputation for accuracy, professionalism, and enthusiasm. As a result, its clientele has grown exponentially over the years – primarily within the Nordic region – and has had the opportunity to work with internationally renowned companies. Carlsberg, Lego, and Grundfoss are among these household names. Furthermore, the company is equipped to work with start-ups and scale-ups, although this is to a lesser extent. The Covid-19 pandemic threatened numerous industries – however, for the recruitment industry, it provided great benefits. With more people searching for jobs, the recruitment world exploded. This trend is reflected within Kjelst Executive Search A/S’ recent successes. For example, the increase in digital communications enabled the company to broaden its reach, as it no longer had to worry about transport fees. Instead, the team member and client were able to use platforms such as Microsoft Teams to conduct consultations and meetings. Henceforth, Kjelst Executive Search A/S had the ability to optimise its efficiency with both time and resources. This approach is something that the company will continue to utilise. It is abundantly clear that Kjelst Executive Search A/S has earned the title of Best Executive Search & Business Development Consultancy 2022 – Denmark. The company has evolved alongside trends in order to remain on top of the current market, even if this means taking risks. At the epicentre of the company is a desire to provide the best possible service to its clients, be it through utilising tried and tested techniques, or crafting bespoke solutions. Contact: Peter Kjelst Company: KJELST SEARCH GROUP A/S Web Address: K Keeping One Step Ahead