Issue 6 2022

Acquisition International - Issue 6 2022 21 For some companies, the long game is the most valuable. Born as a joint venture between Citibank and SAP in 1999, Orbian has been privately held since 2004 and has since evolved from a technology provider to a financial services provider with its own Supply Chain Finance (SCF) platform to now be the largest specialist SCF company serving the working capital and procurement goals of the world’s leading companies across all 5 continents. In Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards, their success was justly recognised as they were named 2022’s Leaders in Supply Chain Finance Solutions - UK. We take a closer look to find out more. Apr22076 ver the past 23 years, Orbian has made a name for itself as a leading provider of SCF solutions, financing over $300 billion in trade flows to-date for leading Fortune 500 & Global 500 companies. The firm’s sole focus on SCF has been a key reason behind its success, not only ensuring that the aim is to become the best provider of these critical services, but allowing the team to work with companies that also aspire to be the best in the industry too. The need for SCF solutions transcends industry barriers, and the team works alongside clients working in aerospace, automotive, chemicals, food and beverage, healthcare, industrial engineering, infrastructure & logistics, lighting, manufacturing, medical solutions, oil & gas & renewable energy, packaging and containers and services industry. Orbian stands out from the competition with three key differentiators: 1. Orbian’s core SCF and related Virtual Card capabilities allow ALL suppliers regardless of procurement spend volume to be included in SCF programs. 2. Orbian’s funding models ensure that long-term program costs are minimised 3. Orbian provides a full suite of interest rate management tools allowing Buyers and Suppliers to eliminate interest rate fluctuations in their programs for up to 10 years. In reaching for ever higher standards, the role of data has become more important to companies than ever before. Over the last 20 years, Orbian has developed a unique and rich dataset reflecting SCF behaviors among buyers and suppliers. This data has been leveraged to enhance Orbian’s products and services. Two significant recent developments have been derived from Orbian’s data analysis: 1. The implementation and expansion of the firm fixed charge offering Fixed charges empower suppliers by providing them the choice to lock in the flat charge they pay for early payment discounts over a defined period (usually 1-10 years). This gives the supplier cost-certainty versus a program price based on fluctuating reference rates. Orbian’s unique fixed charge offering has crucial implications for the way buyers and suppliers negotiate the broadest collaborative benefits of their SCF program and their overall procurement relationship. 2. Regional support programs First deployed in 2021, Orbian’s data analytics now have a rich geographic functionality that can allow Buyers to target regions for particular SCF attention. Such attention might derive from a O desire to support a particular community; to avail of governmental regional support packages; to broaden the resilience of a more localised procurement effort in a de-globalising environment; or a myriad of other circumstances. Perhaps the most telling aspect of Orbian’s success is the way in which it is never looking at the short-term benefits. This team has shareholders who are deep-pocketed and prepared to take a longterm attitude. As such, the company is able to support existing clients to the highest standards as opposed to searching for the next company necessary for them to hit short-term growth numbers. It gives the team a much-needed element of quality that cannot be overlooked. Orbian’s business purpose can be defined with three words: Technology, Finance and Service. For each of these components the firm prides itself on Hiring, Training and Retaining the very best talent from across the globe. Of these three HR goals, Retaining is the most important. Orbian is proud of the tenure and experience of its staff and believes that this underpins the firm broader commercial success. Thomas Dunn, Chairman at Orbian says, “I feel very strongly that our ability at Orbian to maintain a long term compact with key members of staff has been a fundamental factor of the success that we have enjoyed”. We celebrate their incredible success and cannot wait to see what they do next. Name: Thomas Dunn Email: Web Address: Playing The Long Game