Issue 5 2023

6 Acquisition International - Issue 5 2023 Trading Taught by Traders t its inception in 2010, LAT established a key goal that it would aim to pursue for well over a decade – to provide first-class training, advice, and opportunities to anyone interested in trading. No matter their background, skill level or understanding of trading, so long as students have a passion for the world of trading, LAT will provide practical and vocational training courses for a wide variety of individuals. As the first academy in the UK to offer accredited and regulated qualifications in trading, LAT rapidly built up a star-studded reputation that is still breaking the mould thirteen years later. When first established, LAT drew a primary focus on four key pillars of knowledge, all in an effort to help students improve their skillsets and understanding of the field. These pillars are fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trading psychology, and risk management. These pillars are seamlessly integrated into a myriad of different courses, all tailored to varying student requirements. From one-week introduction courses, to its patented twelve-week advanced trading course, there’s something for every type of student. Leading these courses is a faculty filled with expert traders and analysts, each equipped with invaluable experience that only serves to enhance their teaching tactics. Thanks to their work within financial institutions such as HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Citibank and Bloomberg, the tutors hold an immense understanding of the trading sphere that shines through the courses taught at LAT. Its dedication is to the satisfaction of its students, and it aims to grant useful knowledge, all whilst offering flexibility to each individual. Whether you prefer online tutoring, or would rather partake in oncampus classes, LAT presents students with a choice to select one, or combine both, to truly maximise their learning experience. And with flexible, interest-free payment plans, and the ability to upgrade your course seamlessly and efficiently, LAT ensures students are able to access trading knowledge without having to worry about strict deadlines and difficult schedules. Additionally, thanks to LAT’s ingenuity, new courses start every five weeks, allowing future students to easily enrol and begin their trading knowledge journeys. LAT has mastered the art of providing everything students need to reach their fullest potential within the field of trading. Its mentors are accessible for over ten hours a day, and its expansive array of interactive webinars will help introduce students to academy experts A Mar23416 just itching to share their intellect with anyone wishing to learn. And, once students complete their advanced course assessments, LAT with grant them a level 5 diploma in applied financial trading. It’s thanks to LAT’s unrivalled passion for the trading sphere that such an effective and efficient service can be offered to the traders of tomorrow. Its prowess in its field has given it the tools to exceed, all whilst treating its students with the utmost care and respect. LAT strives to make trading knowledge as accessible as possible, and will stop at nothing to promote diversity that’ll only help to grow experience as students progress through their courses. So, if you’re looking to get into the trading field, but don’t have a clue on where to start, LAT will be able to offer advice that could last a lifetime. And with its newest Most Outstanding Trading Courses Provider 2023 – UK award, it’s difficult to say no. LAT will deliver all of the essential knowledge you need to succeed, and help you get a head start in the trading field unlike any other. Company: London Academy of Trading Contact: Paddy Osborn Email: Web Address: The trading industry and financial market have been omnipresent factors in our day-to-day lives for centuries, but there are few who can claim they’ve truly mastered this enigmatic profession. Is it really possible to understand the vast behemoth that is trading? Is anyone able to even learn about trading without any prior knowledge? With London Academy of Trading (LAT), these questions have one resounding answer: yes! Journey with us as we explore how LAT is fostering the next generation of professional traders.