Issue 5 2022

20 Acquisition International - Issue 5 2022 Mar22446 Artificial Intelligence for Music and Audio Musiio is an artificial intelligence company for the music industry. It builds AI products that help music catalogue owners with talent discovery, sound-alike search, tagging, playlisting, curation, and even selecting audio segments that are most likely to succeed on TikTok. The company has been recognised as Best Specialist AI-Powered Solutions Company 2022 - Music Industry in this issue of Acquisition International, so we take a closer look at what it has to offer clients. usiio was established with an ethos of transparency, from design to copywriting. With technologies such as AI, there can be smoke and mirrors or technical jargon. Musiio aims to avoid that. It’s critical that every website visitor understands what Musiio does, and it does this by avoiding three-word acronyms and business language, and putting product demos forefront. It has the world’s only publicly accessible music-based AI tagging and search demos because it believes people should be able to test any claims about the AI. Clients Musiio serves music publishers, record labels, production music libraries, and streaming platforms. These include some of the industry’s biggest names, including Sony Music, Hipgnosis, Downtown Music, and producer marketplace, BeatStars. The company has always tried to create solutions to some of the biggest problems in the music industry, so there’s a healthy interest in its tech, with most enquiries being inbound. The Team Musiio’s staff are critical to its success. It seeks people who can communicate and integrate with the rest of the team. Although it has baseline expectations for hard skills, it also greatly values soft skills such as respectful communication, openness to feedback, and levity. Commercial Director Mack Hampson says, “It’s the music industry. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.” A core principle of Musiio is “Give away your Legos”. Mack said, “We expect staff to take ownership, but also know when to give things up for the greater good. We strive to embrace growth and change and look for opportunities to do so not just individually, but for the entire team.” Staff are encouraged to explore areas beyond their work scope, and the company fosters a culture of idea-sharing, believing that great ideas can come from anywhere. Scalable Solutions Musiio’s tech team are optimisation experts and have focused on creating scalable solutions for all its products. Its clients tag one million tracks per day using its technology, making it the market leader for scale. Whether a musician with a handful of tracks or a library with millions, Musiio has a cost-effective solution. Service and Support For sales and support, Musiio’s approach has always been high-touch. Its clients are partners that it works closely with on integration, and the company has developed feedback pathways where customers help shape products for the benefit of the industry. M Musiio’s tech team are leaders in the field, and they partner with a strong music team that focuses on quality assurance and training algorithms. And, whether a client is new to AI or the CTO of a multi-million dollar company, Musiio’s adaptable communication style means it can offer support and bring the benefit of its products. A Screenless Future People are getting more familiar with voice commands to launch music playlists as we head into a more screenless future. This means Musiio is in a race with music catalogues to fill all metadata to the highest standard to give musicians the best chance of being found. Pandemic Challenges Business is often done in person in the music industry over coffee or drinks. Being based in Singapore, this had been isolating for the company. But, at the beginning of the pandemic, it pivoted to a digitalfirst approach, investing in improving digital communication. Musiio started a blog ( to share fun and exciting industry stories, AI music insights, and use cases so potential clients can better understand its work. If the company were to take benefits from COVID-19, Mack says it would be “meeting with clients in pyjama bottoms. That and being able to take a break from flying internationally and meeting potential clients at conferences all over the world certainly let us recharge a little.” He continued, “However, even with Zoom calls becoming the norm, it’s not the same as meeting face-to-face, so we’re excited to be attending events in person again.” Company: Musiio Contact: Mack Hampson, Commercial Director Email: Website: