Issue 4 2023

Acquisition International - Issue 4 2023 7 Goldie Uttamchandani is an inspirational life and youth coach. She is also a motivational speaker who facilitates workshops within the public school system of Cataluñya, Barcelona. Goldie values justice, authenticity, empathy, and compassion. These are skills she puts into practice every day, when coaching and empowering the youths she works with. Feb23482 oldie Uttamchandani became a coach quite naturally, when seeking a way to share her own story with others. As an exboarding school girl, she experienced the absence of family connections that can sometimes come during the educational years. Instead, during this time Goldie relied on friendships, and fostered her own community support system. The transition from school to university brought with it a further important change in mindset. One that not only led to her own growth and personal development, but to the beginning of her calling to coach others. Goldie always felt an affinity with students who seemed to be suffering. She was especially aware of the challenges faced by students who had joined university from foreign destinations. Goldie possessed the amazing capacity to listen and help others, something that was to later lead her down the path of coaching. Her background, and above all her understanding, acted as a wonderful asset when it came to coaching individuals from different cultures and social standings. Goldie has the compassion needed to excel in this field. As a coach, Goldie is supremely aware of the taxing nature of the work on one’s own mental health. This means she is very careful to ensure her health is maintained to the highest of standards – both mental and physical. Goldie recognises the importance of this, and always practices what she preaches because: Goldie’s award as Best Life & Teen Coach 2023 (Catalonia) is testament to her hard work in youth coaching, and her ability to connect and cultivate meaningful relationships with her clients. She is eager to find solutions for anyone looking for a leadership coach, those who might be asking themselves “what can I do to bring about change in my life,” or persons who might be seeking “help for my teenager.” Goldie knows that sometimes people might feel stuck in their lives, and this is where a life coach can really help. She can also be of foremost help for anyone who is particularly seeking an English-speaking coach in Barcelona. As the mother of two teenagers herself, Goldie can cover all bases. In her 7 years of tenure as a coach she has accumulated over 1000 hours of experience. She has also coached a diverse array of clientele and adapted her coaching style accordingly. Empowering young people to reach their full potential has been one of Goldie’s aims since she first started. She wrote a book – her first of two G Best Life & Teen Coach 2023 (Catalonia): Goldie Uttamchandani – about this in 2013. She toured this throughout schools in Catalonia, promoting her vision through motivational presentations. Goldie has the ability to coach in three languages- English, Spanish and Hindi – which is why she is recognised by the Global Excellence program. One of Goldie’s ambitions is to further explore opportunities to coach internationally, at some point. Goldie’s diverse approach to coaching encompasses use of creativity and even poetry. She feels it is important to dive into emotions and spirituality. It can unlock meaning and understanding for clients. Goldie Uttamchandani was certified as a coach in 2015, and she has been inspiring teenagers for 10 years now. She also uses her skills to connect with parents and sometimes educators too. She finds this approach brings the most fruitful results and is of benefit to all stakeholders involved. Goldie Uttamchandani’s caring and inclusive approach to coaching is what is winning her clients from all ends of the spectrum. She can help youths to find their own pathway, as well as empower senior leadership clients to conquer personal and professional challenges. It is little wonder Goldie is now an award-winning coach. Her experience and positive mental attitude is an inspiration to all, and a help to clients new and old. Company: Goldie Uttamchandani Coaching Web Address: “You cannot pour from an empty glass.”