Issue 4 2023

8 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2023 Jan23808 Save Time and Money with Clinical Maestro Strategikon has developed a platform called Clinical Maestro that is able to efficiently budget, source, and manage complex clinical programs. It is expected to transform how business infrastructure is managed, given that over $4 billion is annually spent on these services. We take a closer look to find out more about the company and the emerging new tool. trategikon aims to provide solutions and services to its customers so they can improve the efficiency of their companies. The CEO, Anca Copaescu, works closely with her team to produce ideas that are creative and innovative. The team has an extensive expertise in the pharma and CRO industry, which together with the company’s dedication to innovation, it has adopted unique methodologies and techniques to introduce Clinical Maestro to transform the industry. The steps that usually take significant amount of time and resources, have now been accelerated thanks to Clinical Maestro. It provides modern and secure solutions for clinical business operations. This platform is beneficial for both sponsors and service providers that are involved in clinical trials – there are two editions available to be accessed through the web, one for providers and another for sponsors, each made specially to fit the needs of each client. Clinical Maestro eliminates time consuming manual processes and allow its customers to achieve improved efficiency, reduce costs, maximise tracking, and analytical insight. Its technology ensures that version control issues and human error are minimised or even eliminated. This improves productivity as it allows for more than one person to work together, seamlessly in real time. In addition, it allows its users to work with complete confidence in the accuracy of their data. It is the ideal solution for professionals who support clinical trial budgeting, proposal, contracting, or vendor management. The software is user-friendly which makes it an intuitive and easy to use platform which promotes the user’s adoption, while reducing the need for extensive training. The team at Strategikon follow technology advances closely to be able to provide its customers with continuous updates and refinements. This way they can rely on Clinical Maestro to deliver timely, efficient, and accurate results. S Strategikon has dedicated time into crafting Clinical Maestro to bring its customers great advantages. To begin with, it has taken unformatted dormant data sets and turned them into structured data that can be analysed – this gives its customers access to unlock trends and analytics that are key to make informed decisions. This means that studies can start sooner instead of having to wait longer because the data is normally processed manually. It overall speeds up the process as then the study will finish sooner than it would have otherwise, meaning that the product will go into market a lot quicker. In addition, its planning and budget is powered by benchmarks that stem out of blinded bids and contracts. Together with machine learning technology it teaches the system certain behaviours which leads to predictions to be increasingly more accurate. It is able to deliver 95%+ budget accuracy. Lastly, one of the most notable features is the end-to-end modular approach. It connects sponsors’ internal organizational functions, including clinical outsourcing, finance R&D, clinical operations, and project management. This enables transparency and collaboration between pharmaceutical sponsors and clinical service providers. Clinical Maestro has proven to be a great success to many customers so far. If you are considering utilizing this great tool for your business, Strategikon’s website gives you access to case studies where you can request a sample budget comparison, videos and articles with a great deal of information, and much more to help you make up your mind. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate in contacting them! Strategikon has been able to bring into the industry a tool that accelerated and facilitates various aspects of the clinical process, saving time and money for sponsors while also allowing service providers to make products available at a faster rate. Strategikon’s innovative and solution driven approach has been recognised – it now holds the title of Best End-to-End Clinical Trials SourcingBudgeting Solutions Provider 2023 – USA. The future awaits many more releases from Strategikon, and we look forward to seeing what those are! Contact: Karen Wills Company: Strategikon Pharma Web Address: “Can you really imagine a world in which cars are self-driving and multi-million-dollar RFPs are STILL run in Excel? We can’t either.”