Issue 4 2023

14 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2023 bidding for several projects in Spain, which it hopes to win soon and be a benchmark company in its sector of global mobility. For now, Danthe is delighted to be recognised in the AI Global Excellence Awards 2023 and crowned with the very well-deserved title of Best Corporate Immigration Services Provider 2023 – Spain. Definitely a huge step in the right direction! Contact: Danthe Menes Company: MG International Mobility Web Address: Facebook: LinkedIn: Upwardly Mobile ased in Madrid, Spain, MG International Mobility is a company specialising in international mobility and managing all the legal immigration issues for expatriates bound for Spain. Consisting of a team of immigration lawyers and consultants, with an extensive experience in the area, the firm’s aim is to provide a complete service in the field of international mobility, corporate immigration, and other immigration services and, due to its wide network of international collaborators, the company provides services outside of its resident country too. With more than 10 years of experience working with important industry firms in Spain before creating MG International Mobility, Managing Director Danthe Menes established the company in 2018 as a lone trader. Today, he has a team of eight people joining him, and growing! “The contribution and personal knowledge of each member of the team allows us to create a very strong combination of experience in the global mobility sector, and thanks to this, a quality service oriented to the client is established, through the business approach and the linguistic skills,” explains Danthe, speaking of what sets MG International aside from competitors. “We can assure the quality of our services as we always provide personalised attention, without bureaucratic obstacles, and we are always available to the most important element – our clients.” With a mission to be the leading organisation in the field of global mobility and immigration law in Spain, providing services to individuals and companies, Danthe and the dedicated team are committed to being competitive, innovative and geared to meet the needs of clients. As a fast-growing entity, Danthe is constantly developing strategies in order to attract new clients in the market, proving that the company can guide the way in the Spanish territory by offering the best advice to individuals and companies, along with the best customer service. “We have a lot of potential for being in the short time a great company,” he enthuses. “We’re working on establishing the brand in other countries as a consulting company, plus being the number one with quality services, preferred by our customers.” Currently, the firm is creating networks in Italy, Mexico, Colombia, US, and Argentina in the short term in order to get the MG International Mobility brand starting to work in these global markets. As well as this, the firm is also attempting to further its growth in its native country by B Feb23283 Advising and assisting in all legal requirements pertaining to immigration, MG International is committed to navigating the constantly changing laws and regulations to ensure the continued international mobility of workers for businesses. We find out more from Danthe Menes as the company gains recognition in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Ianire Gardeazabal and Danthe Menes, Immigration Partners